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  1. Pretty cool, looks like it's ready for Drag week.
  2. The revellogram Chevy LUV as a fun street truck. Parts box wheels & tires, the stock V8 with added blower. Painted with Model Master Nassau blue metallic & wet look clear spray cans.
  3. Anyone attending this weekend? I'll be there for a couple days checking out the cars, models and purchasing some kits.
  4. Don't have that one but have a 67 GTX hemi if that interests you.
  5. Interesting, and I thought that the ones without the cap were just missing.
  6. Have a pic of the one you're looking for?
  7. Found this at Wally world yesterday, 78' Bronco in 1/24th scale. There were other colors available.
  8. What were the sale prices on these?
  9. Will there be any detail on the bottom side of the chassis? Like differential, tranny, etc.?
  10. WOW, looks good! Can't wait to see the printed version.
  11. Looking good! Any tips/tricks on cutting open the hood? Have one to do and wondering the best way to go about it.
  12. Because they were Revell/Monogram? Round 2 doesn't make the Revell stuff.
  13. When watching the national news, it always cracks me up about how times they will mention "the northeast" and how bad it may get there.
  14. The jackhole today who almost took off the front right of my Ranger because he "needed" to be in my lane.
  15. Wow, that Mark VII looks pretty good, I need one. The wheels do look a bit too curved for a stock looking wheel..
  16. Zen


    👍 Good job on both!
  17. What kit is this tubbed out Elky? Not sure if I've seen it before? Sounds interesting .....
  18. Curious on the Fox Mustang stuff you may have ..........
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