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  1. Could I send you the left & partial right pieces for you to make one complete right side?
  2. Was just going to post the Off Road set, picked one up about a month ago. Looks like it's part of the old Desert Rat kit that came with the Datsun and one bike.
  3. In need of the passenger side taillight for this Monogram kit. Any other parts would be welcomed also.
  4. I have one for you, send me your mailing info
  5. 1/25 will be slightly smaller than 1/24
  6. For most of the parts needed I would start with a Monogram Tbird pro stock kit and the red Monogram Cobra kit sine they are the same scale. Would probably need to adjust the wheelbase to fit the Mustang body. Good luck .........
  7. Which pro stock Mustang are you trying to make?
  8. Are you going for a mountain motor pro stock car like back in the IHRA days? I think visually the 500 ci (429) would be the same?
  9. Couldn't you just us the 429 Pro stock engine from any of the Monogram pro stock kits?
  10. If the Mongoose dragster comes out again then they really need to do the yellow Snake version also.
  11. I think I have more of these?
  12. Looks great! You must have a large stash of the Monogram pro stock kits or least had.
  13. When I found mine, it wasn't in the diecast/hotwheels isle but in a random toy isle.
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