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  1. Steve Morris Brings Boostmaster to Sick Week, Finds Zero Oil Pressure and Thrashes to Fix It, Finishes Malibu for Wife and Becomes Husband of the Year — Sick the Mag (sickthemagazine.com)
  2. The first wagon is owned by Steve Morris, high horsepower engine builder from here in Muskegon, MI. Car is currently on a drag & drive event in Florida...........Sick Week
  3. Kind of look like a nascar wheel, maybe try that?
  4. Trading the El Camino to Rick so this one is spoken for ......
  5. So, is Gary or Greg making these bodies? What Facebook group did you order from?
  6. Mid 70's at Martin US 131 drag way, when Popular hot rodding magazine had the funny car shootout.
  7. Enough parts to rebuild two vans and a 93 Cobra ............
  8. Did the Shelby have dual exhaust from factory?
  9. Have this older AMT El Camino drag/camper available. Looks like most or all of it is here, some paint work done, engine is semi assembled. Looking for a newer release of something .......... new Demon?
  10. Have the opposite of what you're looking for................
  11. Might have to get me one or two of these ..........
  12. Yeah, nice kits. Where would of these "super values" been found originally?
  13. Looks like a small cut out for the air filter at the back of the hood ..........
  14. Yes it does, looks like an early Mustang scoop possibly? FAMED, BIG-BLOCK ‘SUDDEN DEATH’ MUSTANG II A ‘NO SALE’ AT AUCTION (ford.com)
  15. Interesting, I'm in the process of doing the same thing. That's why I'm looking for a stock hood for the firefighter kit.
  16. I'm trying to figure out what stock hood would work best on the firefighter kit, AMT or MPC?
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