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Found 2 results

  1. I have finally finished this Oldsmobile that I started in the summer of 2013. I wanted to build a clean Mild Custom with minor body modifications, which is the style I like the best in 1:1 scale as well. Shaving unneccessary chrome parts such as hood ornament and Oldsmobile logos etc was really easy, because they were all molded separately and there were no locator holes on the body parts. So I just left them off. I also left vent windows from front away, because it made this car look a lot smoother in my opinion. It's painted with Maston spray paints and clear coat is also from Maston. Then I polished the body. Engine is the Oldsmobile Rocket that comes with the kit, but I swapped a new intake manifold for two carburetors on it. Carbs and air cleaners are from my parts box. Otherwise the engine is pretty much stock except for the details that are built using either aftermarket products or scratchbuilt stuff - or both. Interior is pretty much stock, except for color choices on dashboard and upholstery. I flocked interior floor and used kit's decals on the dashboard and steering wheel. Chrome trim on door panels is BMF. Chassis was lowered from rear by shortening rear springs and grinding a little material away from rear frame. On front, I cut the spindles in three pieces and glued them back together moving the mounting point for tires a bit upwards for a lowered stance. Tires and wheels are from Revell kit. Exhaust pipes are made from styrene rod, mufflers are modified kit parts and exhaust tips are plastic tubing. It was a fun build and this kit is an excellent one. This one turned out just like I planned originally and I'm pretty happy with it, even though there are mistakes too. WIP-Thread can be found Here. And last here's one shot together with my '61 Oldsmobile Mild Custom that I finished a year ago.
  2. When Revell's '50 Oldsmobile kit came out, I knew right away that I will need more than one of these. Well last week I went on Local Hobby Shop to pick two Revell paint bottles, Flat Black and Brown for the dash of my '77 Chevy Van project. But I saw this kit sitting on the shelf and when it wasn't expensive, I just couldn't pass it. I have always thought that these late '40s and early '50s Oldsmobiles are very nice cars, and great starting points for Customizing. My plan for this one is to build a Mild Custom. I think Oldsmobile nailed the body lines on this one so there will be only minor body modifications done. I thought about doing a little Top Chop, but actually it doesn't need any chopping...Maybe for another one then? Basically the modifications I will do on the body are removing some emblems and other chrome trims. Chassis will be lowered and I will use Steelies with kit's Pad Printed WhiteWall tires. Here are some pictures of the first Mock Up I did. Only thing that needs modifying on the frame/floor is that I have to sand a little groove on the frame crossover to fit that rear axle on place. The Floor & Frame fit really nicely to the body. This sure is a nice kit. The engine is that Olds Rocket that comes with the kit. I will only add Two Carburetor Intake from my parts box. I found no fit issues so far from the engine. Also I drilled holes on the Valve Covers for Spark Plug Wires. Not the best picture, but you'll get the idea. And here is some more work with the engine. I installed Spark Plug Wires on place. Luckily the distributor was big enough to drill nine holes there. Yes, I still need to add the wire for Ignition Coil. Carburetors are cut off from old Ford Flathead intake manifold and they were painted with Silver. Air Cleaners are from Revell's '58 Chevy Impala. Tomorrow is time to make some Carburetor Linkages and Fuel Lines...Stay Tuned.
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