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Found 4 results

  1. I built the Dodge A100 monster truck many years ago (approx. 1990). It has a number of scratchbuilt features including forward-tilting body, working simulated hydraulic cylinders for body and steering, working 4-wheel steering, full wiring & plumbing, etc. At the same time I started a rebuild of an old IMC Dodge L700 to match the MT. The frame was stretched and a tag axle added. An IMC Big Rig semi trailer donated it's floor for a custom drop-deck trailer. The project stalled and went into a box. I recently got it out and was determined to get it finished! This is the result. The ramps store under the trailer deck. Trailer wheels, tires and suspension came from AMT 1/32 reefer trailer
  2. With all the excitement prior to the 24 Hour Build I literally forgot to take photos and post a model I had completed the year before! This was my 24 Hour Build project for 2014, that I didn't complete. In this photo you can see when I packed it in at 6:14 am on Sunday. There were things I didn't like about it, and knew I didn't want to finish it that way. One of the things you may notice are the HUGE almost working hinges in this kit. I had already built a Jimmy Flintstone resin van and he had correct hinges. So I did glue the doors shut and add ones the right size made from Evergreen round. For my Christmas Amnesty Project, I had made a commitment to myself to attack all those 80-90% finished models on my project shelf. I had completed the Model A TROG racer as my last build of 2018, and had moved right onto the Dodge D50 US Navy pickup as my first build for 2019. So this one is my second completion this year, and the 24 Hour Build Model A woody pickup is the THIRD. Me? With three completions in January? Unheard of! LOL Paint is Testors One Coat Flaming Orange because I absolutely love the color. I had painted my '65 Barracuda a similar color back in 1978. The paint laid perfectly. I don't believe I even clear coated it. That is the stock position for the spare tire. The kit doesn't have a stock gas filler so I drilled a hole and added one from my parts box. I think this one was from the AMT '53 Ford Pickup. Of course I can complicate anything, so I got the bright idea of replacing the kit's stock exhaust with duals. So I took two of the kit's stock mufflers (from two kits) and fabricated most everything else from pieces and parts of exhaust systems I keep in a shoe box for this purpose. The tail pipe ends are from the Revell Dart kits. I drill out the parts and assemble it all with bits of straight pin. I fit it tight so I can adjust the parts on the car before finalizing with glue, same way you'd do before clamping on a 1:1 car. I don't remember where I swiped the bucket seats from back in 2014. I did remember that I sprayed them with cheap spray paint that didn't dry during the 24 Hours! Now five years later, they are dry! I had to make seat bases for them to sit in the van. With no time constraints, I decided to add some seat belts. Model Car Garage buckles that I added depth to with Evergreen. And correct 1/16" ribbon for the belts. I bought a lifetime supply of seat belts on eBay (5 dif color rolls) for $10. I made a custom plate for the occasion. The bumpers are the same color as the interior. And here's the pair sitting together. Note how the hinges match now! I'm happy to have finished this one!
  3. First time trying a resin body. I don't know of any other manufacturer, so I think it's a Jimmy Flintstone. I'm opening it all up, so the first challenge will be to correct the gaps in the doors. Closing the gaps in styrene plastic is easy: simply cement on additional plastic and shape. With resin, I'm a little leery of gobbing on 5-minute epoxy as a filler. I've had that stuff easily separate from the styrene. If I mixed my own resin, could that be used as a filler? Bondo? I'd like to use the resin doors, since they have the Dodge script. Is anyone aware of a photo-etch set that would provide this script? Chris
  4. Hi there: I picked this kit up at the local Hobby Lobby for just under $15. This kit is not new and has been around for some time appearing to have its origins in the old "Little-Red Wagon" of 1960's fame. I bought that kit when it first came out and I always liked it. I have been eyeing this thing for some time now and today seemed like a good day so here we go... The box art reflects the contents, an A-100 Dodge COE pick-up in Coca Cola livery. The box contains that truck but also all of the parts needed for the drag version of Little Red Wagon (no LRW decals though). The body is reasonably well done and captures the look of the real truck. If you are a fan of this genre you may want to check the dimensions and overall casting accuracy more closely but it looks good to me. The body is also equipped with opening doors and hinges that are bit large looking. However, I suspect most reasonably skilled modelers will change those out for better looking scratch built items. The glass is clear and smooth and reasonably thin. The decal sheet provides the various Coca Cola scripts and that's it. Nothing else. The frame and bed insert are well done but rudimentary. My only complaint here is that the bed insert has very deep grooves for cutting the engine bay for the Little Red Wagon and time has taken its toll. The groves are so deep in spots that there are holes into the bed area. You can see this clearly in the picture below. The wheels and tires are a set of vinyl no name items (five of them - so you have a real spare!!!) a set of huge Goodyear slicks with brand names and a well done set of period mags in chrome. You also get dog dish hubcaps and a set of steelie wheels!!! That is really nice..I think so any way!!! The chrome tree is well done and has a ton of neat parts on it for the engine and exterior. The engines (there are TWO in this kit) are nicely done multi-piece affairs. The stock engine is about 17 pieces. The custom engine is greatly simplified but has about 25 pieces and an automatic transmission. The higher parts count for the custom engine is a result of eight velocity stacks and eight plugs. Both have separate oil pans so no seams here! The only problem I see with the engines is that they look to be on the small side. This is a 1/24 th scale kit. This is primarily based on looking at the chrome vale covers, base and Hemi. They just look too small. If you cmpare them to the fuel tank parts on the same tree you can see that they appear to be too small and the tank way too large. Overall, this is small potatoes but you can decide on that one. It's not the first kit to have an out of scale engine. The frame and running gear / suspension are all simplified separate pieces that are well done. The steering wheels can be built poseable but you will want to either glue them in permanently or rework the snap in spindles and axle to be more accurate / substantial. The extra frame box for the Little Red Wagon is present too. The rear end is "FULLY CAST" (yippee!!!). The interior reflects a stock truck and is basic but well done. It includes a dash, seat belts, two part seats, a nice steering wheel, steeering column and shift lever turn signal combo and door panels with cast on details. You also get a push button automatic option as well. THAT is going in my build up for sure!!!! Only the gas pedal from the LRW is included so you will need to add parts here especially since the doors can be opened. Again the drag accessories are included i.e. a full roll bar set up. Overall this is an interesting kit of a really different subject. The simplicity (and age) is clearly reflected in the price. You can easily build up a stock truck with dog dish hubcaps or the Little Red Wagon or some other over the top variant and I am sure many of you already have some wild ideas about where to take this. (I am thinking about a mild custom lowered tow vehicle for the old Revell midget trailer in my junked kits stash.) Go get this kit…the price is right, there are plenty of extra parts and only your imagination and your parts box content will hold you back on this one. Have fun! Regards Bill (Duntov)
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