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Found 5 results

  1. Hello, It is finally done! This is an important project for me, as this is the first complex model I finish since early 2009! The 54th Rolex 24 Hours Race at Daytona was held on January 28–31 2016. One of the most popular classes in IMSA is the GTLM, where factory teams throw it all for bragging rights. Corvettes, Porsches, Ferraris, BMWs and Ford GTs started the race hoping to win. That year, after 23 hours and 45 minutes, the 2 Corvettes were up front leading in class when they were told on the radio: "You are OK to Race! Keep it clean, No Risks", setting the stage for an epic battle between teammates Oliver Gavin in car #4 and Antonio Garcia in car #3. The last 15 minutes were basically a close sprint race. The closest it could be without contact. The last lap was a drag race between both cars. At the checkered flag, Gavin in car #4 won by only .034 seconds over a 24 hour race! For 2016 there were substantial changes in the regulations, making the 2016 cars quite different from the 2014-2015 seasons. Why is this relevant? Revell released the C7R model with decals for the 2016 winner, but the model represents a 2014-2015 car. Many modifications were required to update the model to 2016 specs. Unfortunately this model did not cooperate. It fought all the way with frustrating fit issues and many other problems. It is probably the most frustrating and disappointing model I've done. There are a few details I'm not happy with and a few missing details here and there but I just wanted this over! This was also my first time weathering a car. The intention is to represent the car as it rolled into Victory lane. Weathering is easily overdone so I tried to control it. You can see the model's progress thread here: http://www.modelcarsmag.com/forums/topic/117667-corvette-c7r-daytona-winner/ Some of the modifications include: -Reworked hood -New front splitter with side aero fences -Added dive planes -Added pitot tubes and housing -Replaced rocker panels with updated ones -New rear spoiler brackets -Updated rear spoiler end plates -Reworked rear end with diffuser and aero modifications -Reworked front grille and driving lights assembly -Added camera dome in correct location plus antenna and transponder -Fully detailed engine wasted because nothing fits. Top of the engine had to be removed for the hood to fit. The model is essentially now a curbside. -Tons of Interior mods and details added (screens, wiring, belts, displays, nets, paddle shifters, water cooler, etc.) but nothing is seen from outside -Added position numbering indication panels Here is my story: Before the race, I did the prep of the car and told them to bring it to my shop right after the race to wash and clean it. (Took pictures of it before the weathering in case it was ruined). Before the race: https://media.fotki.com/2v2J4ZcfWxJ21ND.jpg https://media.fotki.com/2v2J4ZcBnxJ21ND.jpg https://media.fotki.com/2v2J4Zc6qxJ21ND.jpg https://media.fotki.com/2v2J4Zc7CxJ21ND.jpg https://media.fotki.com/2v2J4ZckGxJ21ND.jpg https://media.fotki.com/2v2J4Zc4FxJ21ND.jpg AFTER the race: (Weathering) https://media.fotki.com/2v2J4Z1FVxJ21ND.jpg https://media.fotki.com/2v2J4Z1jGxJ21ND.jpg https://media.fotki.com/2v2J4Z1qqxJ21ND.jpg https://media.fotki.com/2v2J4Z1dhxJ21ND.jpg https://media.fotki.com/2v2J4Z15LxJ21ND.jpg https://media.fotki.com/2v2J4Z1rWxJ21ND.jpg https://media.fotki.com/2v2J4Z18nxJ21ND.jpg https://media.fotki.com/2v2J4Z1MqxJ21ND.jpg https://media.fotki.com/2v2J4Z1zFxJ21ND.jpg https://media.fotki.com/2v2J4Zp3LxJ21ND.jpg https://media.fotki.com/2v2J4ZpvgxJ21ND.jpg https://media.fotki.com/2v2J4ZpUWxJ21ND.jpg https://media.fotki.com/2v2J4Z99FxJ21ND.jpg In this link you can see that battle and the finish of the race. Over 2 years later, I still get goosebumps watching it! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u06idGnmgDc&t=9608s Hope you like it! What do you think? Thanks,
  2. Finished up my take on the Revell Corvette C7R. This one is done to replicate the #4 C7R ran at the 2019 Sahlens Six Hours of The Glen at Watkins Glen International. Unfortanently, the #4 car didn't make it more than 4 turns on lap 1 before being turned by an RSR... The build - Started with the Revell C7R kit - arguably one of the most frustrating builds I've had in some time!! This kit is borderline terrible in fit and finish. A LOT of test fitting and sanding / cutting, followed by more of the same. Thankfully I was able to glean some tips from those of you that came before me! Used the Classic Racing Resins C7R upgrade kit that upgrades the nose, rocker panels, wing, and rear diffuser. Fit and finish of the resin parts was okay, a fair amount of sanding and profiling had them looking decent. Cutting the nose and diffuser was pretty straight forward and a decent fit. Required some body filler to get the high/low but otherwise fairly pleased with them. The clear pieces on this kit were a royal challenge... ended up cutting all windows and headlights apart and fitting individually. A Dremel with a thin cutting wheel works great for this. Gravity Colors USA paint was used and dressed with Indycals and few customs I made to directly replicate the 2019 Sahlens Six Hours livery. Wheels and brakes are KMP-Scale Modeling which I feel really dress up the car and add realism to the kit. Thanks for looking! Inspiration: IMSA 2019 Sahlens Six hours of The Glen, #4 Corvette Racing C7R.
  3. HI all Does anyone know if there are photoetch/detail parts out there for the Revell Corvette C7R? I see that Scale Motorsport makes a pricey set (https://scalemotorsport.com/products/corvette-c7r-super-detail-kit) but what about a standard small etch sheet? Can't find one anywhere, which surprises me. Curious...
  4. Hey guys, I just just started on a 1/25 revell c7r, and I while I was thinking of what I wanted to do with the kit as far as the actual build is concerned, I wanted to replicate the leader light system on the car but I am not sure as to what type of light to use. In the picture attached these lights can be seen just behind the driver's head in the window. Any input on how to go about this? I was thinking fiber optics in some way but I'm not sure exactly. Appreciate it all!
  5. Hi, I'm new to group/site. Been building Aircraft for a while now & needed a change! I actually had a few magazines from here years ago & still use it for reference. I'm retired living in Houston, Tx. I spend my retirement doing model builds about 80% or the time & flying my Drones the other 20%. I've just started posting my builds on Instagram @ (droneoutlaw337). I just bought a new car that seems like a quick build & actually found your site while doing an online search in "Hobbylobby" & found a great article & build pics from your member "JAY" on the Revell C7.R. Anyway after reading that & seeing those pics I bought the kit & joined my 1st Car building site. Look forward to adding any positive material that I can. Respectfully, Lee aka: DroneOutlaw
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