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Big rig build off, community calender build contest. Officially under way. Closed to entries.


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Here's a link to the thread I started in the truck stop section. You don't need to be a truck builder, but willing to accept a challenge. This would be a 90 day build, 1 post, 1 vote, no entrant voting. For more or give ideas, vist this thread.



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I've been rethinking the time frame. How about a 10 month build? Would that get more more people interested?

With all of the (major) life stuf we've got going on (not by choice,not self inflicted,LOL :P ),10 months might mean the difference between making it and not for me,so "yes" from me,LOL :)

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For all interested. 

Tomorrow is the official start to this build off. If you'd like to get in on this:

Go to the Truck Stop section and read the rules.

Go into the bench section and start your build thread. Title must include B.R.B.O. and a pic of the unbuilt kit or TOTAL restoration.

Monthly updates, even just to say no progress but still in.

A list of entrants who got the build threads started will posted on February 1st. I'll update the list every month for the missed monthly posts. If you miss a post, your DQ'd.

The interstate list entrants is long, over 30. 

This should be a good CBP.


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Today the entry list is set. We ended up with 40 awesome builders with some great projects. A few builds that some may have never gotten to. A very diverse list of builds, from old to new. Thanks to all who are entered, have a great 9 months. Hope to see all finish by the end of October.

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