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1/25 Kenworth T600 (on the farm)

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I am starting another one.  It has been a while since my 1/16th scale Kenworth W900 (seen here)

Anyways it is time to build a replica of the other truck.  I am dong a video series for this as well only this time I am going to show way more of my techniques and I explain a little bit how this is going to go in this video HERE.


This is what I hope it will look like when it is done.

(image insertion not working)



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I will say this one is not as enjoyable as the last model that I did in 1/16.  It seems to be more challenging in 1/25.  I think it is just this particular kit though.  The dry fitting of parts is not as good, which means more work smoothing and finishing the mold seams (you guys know the drill).  Also some things are just not as detailed as I think they could have been.  The wheels are C*rap IMO on this model.  I am guessing this is because this was a snap model that they made into a glue type??  Anyways I am looking forward to weathering and then finishing so I can give this one to my Dad as well.  For those that don't know I am making this as a gift again.  Replicating the one we use on the farm.


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No video this time.  That will come later with some weathering techniques that I will use to make it look more realistic and used.

Here is the cab, modified sleeper and hood, painted in the final coat.  I might buff a little bit before applying dust and dirt.  I still have to highlight the doors and things.  I did just realize I forgot to make the air foils (I guess that is what you would call them) on the back of the sleeper but I might be able to add them later.  If not, oh well I am still happy with how the roof turned out.  And I left the sun roof even though the 1:1 doesn't have it as I like that you can see the interior better since I didn't finish the inside of the sleeper with opening doors as the 1:1 we gutted it for farm use.








Stay tuned for more!   www.thejunkmanadv.com

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It's looking quite good, to me.....Very nice work on the sleeper top.....I'm liking the color, too.....Ought to work out well.....

                X's 2  Love the color and the body mods. Good job on all of it !




            Be Well






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I know it doesn't look it but it is very close to the real color of the truck.  The fluorescent lights do funny things in the camera to the color.  I am going to hand paint the pin striping by hand.  I will use a french curve or something and a fine brush.  Until I get a video update here are more reference pictures for your viewing pleasure.

Parked next to the 1974 Kenworth W900 that I did a model of as well.






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I promise a video about my weathering techniques is coming!  Here are some pictures of progress.  Nearly have all the sub assemblies ready for some initial weathering in places that would be hard to reach when assembled.




My technique for "dulling" down chrome to look more like weathered aluminum is as simple as misting with matte clear rattle can.  I also sanded the tires to show some normal wear and age them a bit.  Some "dusting" and black was highlights on the lug nuts will happen later.  Oh and can't forget a bit of dirty grease/oil on the hubs.



Brake canisters and backing plates, two with weathering highlights and two without.  I will go over this in that future video.


initial coat of paint on the frame.  I just use flat rattle can black primer sprayed in a light dusting fashion even before highlights and weathering it adds some depth to the parts to better sell the idea that they are steel.


I "LIKE" where this project is headed!



That is all for now!  You can like the Facebook page or my twitter if you want to interact  https://www.facebook.com/thejunkmansadventures/  OR https://twitter.com/thejunkmanadv 

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