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MPC 1967 GTO

Tamron D.

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This is my first build since coming back that I have taken my time on, and tried some new things with as well. 

So Far:

Painted and cleared with model masters rattle cans turned out better than I expected.

First time use of bare metal foil for the trim.

the rest is going to be out of box, except I also plan to do  flocking on the interior.


This kit did not come with any gauge decals or anything like that so I may end up looking for those or  end up just hand painting the dash like the rest of the interior.

with no further a do! let me know what you guys think, and  any tips to get better next go around..

Photo on 2-25-16 at 12.03 AM.jpg

Photo on 2-25-16 at 12.04 AM.jpg

Photo on 2-25-16 at 12.04 AM #2.jpg

Photo on 2-25-16 at 12.04 AM #3.jpg

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Have you run into any fitment issues with the bumpers? 

My oldest started this a few weeks back and it has all but stopped him in his tracks with issues. Front bumper/headlight piece was off by over 1/8" to fitting properly, and the rear bumper didn't even seem to be from the right kit. So far he's had to build the bottom of the rear quarter panel up 3/16" just to get the bumper to sit level (it wanted to lay under  the rear quarters), and he's shaved quite a bit of material off both sides so the bumper didn't stick out past the body lines.

The rear taillights were also found to be problematic as they were too thick to mount in the slots on the rear valance; which led to more body trimming........

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I have had a lot of issues with the tail lights, so far have not been able to get them fitted. the front bumper/grill went in fine. I have not put the rear bumper on yet either. overall the kit is  sub par for sure, a lot of extra flash on every part, it took a lot of sanding and cutting to clean everything up.

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