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nascarlo attempt, need a chassis!

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So, there are these guys on youtube called roadkill, they do crazy things with old wrecks of cars, they did a car called the nascarlo, they took some old late model paved oval track race car and put a '70 chevy monte carlo body on it, they had to move the roof back for it to fit, and it looked prety cool and weird:


i know the monte carlo body that im going to get, but i dont know if there is a set smilar to the original car they used, something that i could use the chassis from, if not, it will be a bit difficult trying to make the chassis when i have hardly no experience.


does anyone know of a set like this, with the chassis, looks like the body is a chevrolet, or an immitation chevrolet atleast.

here is a link to the video for anyone who wants to watch it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YUefSKCjP8w


i forgot to mention, the picture above isnt the final piece, its what they started with, this is the final car:maxresdefault.thumb.jpg.afe5c84b177d09e6

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The Nascar body is a Monte Carlo...I would think any Nascar kit should work though, considering you're going to have to heavily modify the cage if you want to match the 1:1 closely. 



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Around here, you can't go to a flea market, automotive swap meet, or toy show and swing a cat without hitting one or more NASCAR kits priced in the single digits.  That said, the 1:1 dirt chassis looks sort of like a NASCAR one except the engine and roll cage are shifted to the rear.  Just swapping a stock body onto a NASCAR chassis, you probably wouldn't need to move the roof back like that, but just doing something like the body swap could make an interesting project.  There's pro street, pro-touring...why not NASCAR street?

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