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Is anybody doing a July 4th build this year?


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Last year a bunch of people did a 4th of July build.  I was thinking of it, but I would have needed to start this Morning.  (Unless they try a Sat. Sun. Mon. build.)  My Mother's birthday is the Fourth, so I will need to be at the nursing home for her party.  I am also doing a lot of work around the house to get ready for her return in a week.  The nursing home is in Grayling, so I am commuting in heavy holiday traffic.  I can grab something and start it, but I would probably not be finished until Monday night or Tuesday.  It would also have to be a really simple kit.  (I have a few of those!)  I would just shoot it with some of the Tamiya  spray cans I have and brush paint some things I would normally airbrush, as I don't have any equipment set up.  If some people are with me, I will jump in and do it.  If not, then I will wait until later.  It looks like we will have some decent weather for painting this weekend.  If push came to shove, I could finish my 24 hour build, which never got very far.  (I cleaned up a few parts, glued the engine block and seats together, did a preliminary clean up on the body and shot primer on the engine and interior.)  I could call it the "Six Months to complete a four day build off" :o

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