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Nautilus by Moebius, oops, I mean Pegasus

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Scott, I think the time may be near where it might be quite reasonably priced to have your ornament scanned, enlarged in the computer and printed in 3D  (pull the hanger out first).  I've heard that Mattel is bringing back the Thingmaker name on a $350 3D printer in time for Christmas. Maybe it's good, maybe it's not. But I'm sure that having this tech on this level can only bring good things. It doesn't address the scanner issue as it uses downloadable files. 

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Fantastic job! The closest model one can get at a reasonable price that looks almost as good as the Disney version. The Pegasus Nautilus is a beautiful model and design. But, I'm still hoping that Disney will get smart a let some model company offer a kit of their's molded in styrene at a reasonable price. But, with the way things seem to work with Disney licensing, I'm not holding my breath. And because of that I have thought from time to time of buying the Pegasus version.  I do have the Hallmark Christmas tree ornament of the Disney Nautilus. But, I really want something bigger, with more detail, at a price I can afford.

Enough with my whining. Again, your Nautilus looks great Sam. And thank you for sharing it with us.


For $100, you can get a 1/150 scale (16 inches long) Disney Nautilus. It's resin and white metal, and the hull is solid resin, so no interior detail.


For $396, you can get one in 1/77 scale (31 inches long). This one has a hollow hull that can be detailed or made remote control. There is a lighting kit made for it. Not cheap, but we only live once. Everybody has their Grail kit.


There's another company that makes a couple of different Seaview subs. Of course they offer the two different window configurations, but they offer a "Concept II", which is their idea of a second generation Seaview, much more streamlined...and looks pretty good. It's 58 inches long. :o

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I just googled the Thingmaker. It may be way more sophisticated than I initially assumed. They developed software for this device that is capable of design from scratch as well as using various templates. Simulations are possible to test range of motion for figures and such. It was engineered to be more friendly for entry-level use. I'm kind of excited about this now.

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