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Not the Tamiya 'uber kit', this is the RoG version of the magnificent LaFerrari. Back-story, my 10 year old daughter was in the man-cave with me a few weeks back looking through the stash...

"Hey dad, would you build a model just for me ?"...

"Yeah of course..." I was thinking a wee Airfix 1:72 or something similar. 

"Great, can I have this one ?"  

And she's pulled-out my Fujimi 246 Dino 'enthusiast' series kit. So after some rapid negotiation, she changed to the La Ferrari. She's decided on an electric blue colour which she'd mixed herself from my Tamiya acrylics and it looks incredible. It's going to be a slow-ish build project but so far the only problem it's thrown at me is the exhaust openings in the lower body which need a lot of filing and thinning back to accommodate the pipes and the chassis/diffuser tray.

If anybody here has built one of these, I''d be grateful any heads-up you can give for the rest of the build. Thanks for taking the time to look and/or comment.











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Great Work so far! Awesome that your building it for your daughter ! my daughter just wants her nails painted when shes in the 'man cave'...

I built the Revell kit last year, just a quick basic build, from memory it went together pretty well.

The decals arnt great, the rear CF was a bit tricky, & the decals supplied for the seats took alot of time to place correctly.


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Thanks guys, much appreciated. This has gone to the back of the queue at the moment whilst I focus on the 911 GT1 build. Won't be allowed to forget it, it's daughters 11th birthday tomorrow so she's getting quite impatient !



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That's going to look nice.  I have just started the Tamiya LaFerrari kit for one of my sons.  He wants it to be a light blue, so I'm painting the outside light blue and the interior medium blue.

Ha !!, sounds like our kids have very similar tastes !



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