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  1. A beautiful build from a lousy kit!
  2. I was drafted during the Vietnam era but sent to Germany with the Pershing Missile. This was 3 foot diameter and 34 feet long with a 400 kiloton warhead.
  3. Welcome to the site! Nice grouping of cars there. Don't worry, it's east to post here.
  4. My Grandaughter Piper and her cat Crystal.
  5. Always loved that '56 roof chrome
  6. That was a GREAT video, espically for us bedbound guys. TOTALLY ENJOYED IT!
  7. Those people aren't real modellers. THEY ARE SCAM ARTISTS
  8. Lots of beautiful 32's here! I'm in hospital and wanted to contribute so excuse the unfinished 32, but enough to see it
  9. That's a looker, great job on it !
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