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  1. Ihave to build one too, at least a two poster, to replace theold fashioned one in my diorama.
  2. No idea of the number but this should give you an idea.
  3. Thanks.We have two strong young men at each end to do the lifting. They load and unload a 26' U-Haul in a couple of hours. It would take me all day and I wouldn't be able to move for the next three.😊
  4. We were lucky and found a relatively nice home. One glitch though, the closing dates don't jive so we have to store everything for 10 days, load and unload twice.
  5. The Ron Olsen version has been adjusted to this configuration.
  6. We are going about 300 miles South and East.Sturgeon Falls, Ontario.
  7. Yup. Raided the liquor store gargage bin a few times. 😊
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