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  1. The dios are back together. Now the story of FTB can continue.
  2. It was me who packed them. My mistake was to put the classics in the bottom of the box and the modern cars on top. You'd think that after 30 years in my forties I'd know better.
  3. About half a dozen left to fix and that part is done. Should be able to get on with current projects soon.
  4. I am enjoying it. Very relaxing. Glad you are enjoying it too.
  5. Putting stuff back on the various benches. The crankshaft grinding machine is back in operation.
  6. Finished with the engines. Looks like I will have to stop building them soon.
  7. I've seen this one many times at the Gravenhurst car show. its V12 is so quiet and smooth that if it did't have fan, you could not hear it.
  8. Did a bit of research. Found out that Ardun head kits are available from Don Ferguson for around $14,500. Also found out that an Ardun owned by Kohler Racing made 400 HP at 6500RPM on a dyno. So with a bit of extrapolation, the 12 churned out 600 Hp at 6500, all things being proportional. And that is with the weird plug spacing too.
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