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  1. This is more or less how it is going to go on the chassis. This means it is back to the drawing board for the interior.
  2. Found a front crossmember that fits the engine perfectly.
  3. Made up a firewall using a cardboard pattern. Enlarged the wheelwells using the automatic wheelwell enlarger.
  4. Cutting up a classic car interior to fit and added a little doghouse to clear the rear of the engine.
  5. Rounded up some suspension bits including some resin springs that are a bit sorry looking. Cut some hangers from a piece of appropriately shaped sprue.
  6. I had a 216 in the collection. it will go in there.
  7. I put it here because it is 3 or 5 ton, which I assume qualifies for light commercial. If it should go to the big rigs, please let me know.
  8. I saw , as I was removing the extra parts from the sptue that I had forgotten the prop and rudder. Added those and decided to build the drag engine for display,
  9. Thanks John. Now, where would I get skis? Popsicle sticks?😉
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