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Muffler Bearing?

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Every new phone guy is always sent from the job site back to the truck to look for a can of dial tone, a left handed wrench, or a cable stretcher. Then, we'll have him call the dispatch center and ask for "Amanda". The dispatchers are in on the joke, so they ask for the last name. We tell him her last name is "Dancewith". The dispatcher will then say "You're looking for Amanda Dancewith? Well you hang in there sweetie, I'm sure you'll find one!"

Sometimes "Amanda Dancewith" is replaced with "Agatha Fugg-owda-here" (say it out loud fast, and keep in mind its said with a New York accent and you'll get the joke)

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Reminds me of a guy I built a pretty hot pump gas engine for. He insisted on putting a Dominator carb on it because "it looks so awesome sitting on there" :P Anyway the thing ran just like I thought it would it was way overcarbed loaded up all the time black smoke everywhere! The really messed up thing was you could drive it to the track with the 750 CFM 4150 series carb on it and run 7.30's (1/8th mile no nitrous) all night and then cruise back home with it. This was several years ago when running 7.30's in a street driven car was very fast. He kept asking me why can't you tune it to run right with the dominator finally I got disgusted and told him look I could probably make it run fine with the dominator but your carb fuse has been blown all along thats why we can't get it to run right. Of course I then gave him directions to the local speed shop where he should go and ask for a Carb Fuse specifically for a Holley Dominator after the few days of fun we had at his expense he decided to stick with the 750 LOL.

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What, he didn't have the huge anime front and rear bumpers still in bare fiberglass?


Nope, don't think he had gotten that far at UTI by the time I came in.

You know Joe , this sounds scary.............. When I lived in Dallas there was a Ceeep, uh Cheif Auto parts store in walking distance of my house . Just a couple of blocks over was a Pep-Boys. I witnessed the same behaviors you did. From then on, I went to a N A P A which was several miles away. If I wanted Air Fresheners, well.... go figure Ed Shaver

Funny, Cavi Boi was encountered at a Pep Boys maybe 5 or 6 years ago :lol:

How's your local NAPA? Dad went to get u-joints for the front axle of my Little Sister's XJ Briarwood at our local NAPA store and the kid behind the counter kept trying to sell Dad u-joints for the front driveshaft, even though Dad was pointing to the PN for the axle u-joints and telling the kid what he wanted that part not the ones the kid was trying to sell him!

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