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Revell 70 Charger F&F in Go Mango


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My latest addition to my Charger stable is this Fast & Furious version. I found a set of really wide treaded tires that would fit the kit wheels. I only had to use some  #14 spacers from an MRC tire pack between the rear axle and brake plates to get them to fit without rubbing the springs.  I'm actually going to have some fun with this one, as I have a 68 tail light panel and interior to put in it. So it will be a 68 Charger with a 70 nose. I will paint this one Go Mango with a black interior, like the 74 Road Runner I just rebuilt. It will have full exhaust so it will be a street car instead of a drag car.  Below is just a mock up of how it's going to sit.


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My plan to use the 68 door panels did not work, seems that they were too long and would not let the firewall sit properly. No problem, I put in the 69 door panels along with the 68 seats and it all fits.





Frame is almost complete, just need to put shocks and the frame braces in. I also want to find some traction bars for it too.


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Interior is done on this Charger, 68 seats with 70 door panels. No heater and no center console. The shifter came from one of the Revell 67 Plymouth/Dodge kits and the aux gauges came from the AMT 70 Nova kit.


All the BMF is done, and I put a black tail stripe on it from one of the other 70 Charger kits I have.


On this one I am into the final assembly phase, it should be done before long.


Thanks all comments welcomed.


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