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One of my first custom paint jobs returns. Plus more.

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I was visiting with an ex girl friend yesterday and she said her sister had found an old helmet she thought was mine. My current avatar is the motorcycle that inspired me to learn how to airbrush. This has to be one of the first pieces I had done. It dates to around 1976. I still have a fondness for the old school '70s paint look. I really didn't put much color on this helmet. Probably afraid I'd mess it up so "quit while you're ahead". I signed it, too bad I didn't have the foresight to date it.

I don't recall which airbrush I used to do this with. My first AB was a Badger 250. It is more of a paint sprayer than it is an AB. The next AB I bought was a Binks Wren B. I had used it for over 40 years. The "nose" was pretty much beat up. It is not replaceable like the Paasche H is. I gave it to a niece a couple years ago who had expressed an interest in learning how to AB. Last week I had swapped my brother a newer/nicer Binks Wren B kit for my old one so that has returned too. My niece was not using it but my brother has gotten a few airplane model kits so I figured he could use it. He isn't a modeller per se. He likes airplanes.

Additionally, in the box with the helmet was the back rest pad for the sissybar of my avatar bike. The bike was a '73 Super Glide and it met it's demise in the back end of a Lincoln Continental (not my fault BTW).

Such nice surprises!


skidlid 001.jpg

skidlid 005.jpg

skidlid 003.jpg



sissybarpad 001.jpg

sissybarpad 004.jpg

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