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sod buster experiment early


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Roden kit that's been waiting for a home. Plow is total freelance made from scraps of styrene strip and sprues. Mold boards are from food containers. Wood decking incomplete. Plow will be cutting virgin soil and sit considerably lower once base is ready. Other than fresh plowed areas, all will be prairie grass.  Going to try using a big, worn out house painting brush for the grass. Fresh rolled sod is going to be tricky but think it can be done using "fast mache'" after a little experimenting with it to make rough seas.  

Finding it increasingly rewarding to use junk and scraps more and more. The trade off in terms of realism forsaken versus the enjoyment of "racking my brain" trying to make refuse work brings a breath of fresh air into doing this. Something to be said for trying to utilize "old school" techniques . Long live analog, paper, and pencils. 




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That's the plan.  I picked up a 2 foot long "full wig" from the dollar store today in the Halloween costumes section.  It is MUCH easier to cut than a paint brush and have enough to cover 20 acres.  Its going to take some practice to get ta technique down for to reduce stray strands.  On the plus side, using the wig hair, my beard trimmer seems up to the the task of clean up duty. Having found a  "dirty blonde" colored wig, painting becomes less vital and mix up the hairs. It works works well for dry prairie grass "as is". Hopefully the airbrush and acrylics will work to handle highlights.  Ideally the goal is to have it look like the grass is swaying in a breeze.

It's still early in the game on this one but holds potential.  If a good way to affix it straight can be found, perhaps the beard trimmer can become the lawn mower to create shorter grasses.


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