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First build in 30 years and it shows?. I tried to do a semi gloss clear over black primer but that didn’t work out to well so I will knock it down and try something else. Ruined 2 decals so I think I’ll go decal-less on this build for now






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Nice looking engine and chassis. A thought on your decals, if applying to a flat painted surface.  Decals applied on anything but a gloss finish seem to standout like a sore thumb. You can always seal a gloss finish and decals with a flat or semi gloss clear to get a flatter finish and still minimize the appearance of any decals. 

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Unless you have opened up the trunk you may want to pop out and save the battery and fuel tank. Once you’ve put your seat in they are sealed in from view. I’ve saved mine and used them in builds where they are very visible since they are so well done!

i have a feeling they were tooled up for a future version of the kit, that may have been squashed by the turmoil at Revell.

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Looking good so far! I'm getting back into it after about the same amount of time. Just remember, look at all the photos of amazing builds on here as something to aspire to, not as a current benchmark...

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