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48' Loadking 3 axle drop nose lowboy trailer

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1 hour ago, steveracer said:

Ron, I just found this thread and read through it all.  Crazy build, and will follow your progress from here.  I got back into building trucks this year....it's been a while.

Question for you, see you are on NX.  You are experienced for sure, did you work in a design studio previously?  

Did you print the frame rails and the details (other than shapeways buys) yourself or outsource them?  If so what material/Process for RP?

How detailed is the stepover on the parts for sanding?  I am curious on your comments on the part fidelity.  

Perhaps we know some of the same people in the Chrysler design studio, we did some work in the past together.

Make sure you bring this rig to McComb in November!

Hello Steve 

  I used to work for Chrysler (FCA), but I've been retired for 7 years. I have done some work on Unigraphics NX16 on trailers,trucks, excavators, dozers, etc. I've  been using my wifes computer that she has from FCA, she works there, but she is furloughed at home now, so I  have access to it,  temporarily sadly to say.

 The trailer, jeep and booster/stinger are all made from Evergreen or Plastistruc plastic with a few 3D printed items from Shapways and Moluminum. Wheels/tires are from Moebius, the rest is from the parts box. The excavator tracks are from Bruder toys, there 1/16 scale for there mini excavator, but are perfect for a 1/25-1/24 scale large excavator, like the Cat 374F L. Any other questions please feel free to ask, I'm glad to help.

  As for McComb in November Im not sure I will have the whole thing done by then. What is the McComb thing anyway?

Ron G 

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Ron, here is info on the model swap meet and a show where I would say about 500 -800 models show on tables in the back of the McComb Community College.  Usually spring and fall. Great to see other modelers work.  You can spend hours looking at stuff there right in our own backyard!



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