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been a week or so and i got a little bit more done to the truck

as a mather of fact it is actually starting tl look like a truck

after some discussion i decided to install straight pipes on the truck, no cross overs

(thanks ed)

some things that still need to be done

clear and polish the tailgate

clear and polish the rollpan

install the tailgate, roll pand and tow hitch

plumb the engine to the radiator

slap on a license plate frame and plate

maybe ad some more chrome

anyways, as always

let me know what you think




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whats that grill from? i only ask because i got one in a parts box from a friend a while back....

The truck looks great! i really like those custom taillights B)


thanks for the compliment

the grille is one of two optional custom grilles that came with the kit on top of the stock grille

i scraped the chrome off the very end of it (outside the light housing) and painted it gunmetal to fit in nicely

the taillights are also included in the kit and are called "optional"

however, the custom fenders (as installed) are cast to accept these corvette style taillights

im very pleased with the way they came out

the only other thing i considered was bondoing up the holes for the vette taillights and ad a set of late 40s ford coupe tails

but im glad i went with the vettes :)

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