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Mini Cooper...well sorta

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Well lets just say its been modified alot. love to answer any ?'s about build a blast to build. A few high lights molded a corvette front and rear on to a new mini cooper body complete hand built chassis with corvette running gear etc enjoy.......










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Thanks guys no i dont have any photos of the chassis its mostly under a belly pan anyway i always thought a belly pan design for this car was cool and woul dmake the car even slicker going though the air and visually aswell. its a 4 link set up with a narrowed 9" with a corvette frnt cross memeber narowed and with vette a arms.

Body wise by adding the vette rear onto the back of the mini you can see i added exta plastic down the side and molded it into the new body design!

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Thanks its a VW Beetle dash and i just used the air bag dept. and made it a glove box.

This model i lost track on the amount of mods too it was a fun build and all just started to come togeteher

Had alot of people scrathing there heads at the first show i took it to good conversation peice lol

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