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help with 30 gage wire

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hi everyone i got some 30 gage wire to use for my ignition wires but upon trying to use it i found it really quite stiff and arkward to bend into shape so i was wondering should i strip the outer casing off and use that and if so how do i strip it off as i did try it but it kept snapping so i was getting really quite annoyed lol PLEASE HELP lol

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well the stuff i got came from a electric surplyer on ebay but like i mean its not stiff as hell lol it just seems to be a bit stiff and when i try to shape it round the valve covers it dont look natural so i aint sure if i should stripp the casing off and use that or what lol

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Hey Stuart,

Don't strip the wire, the insulation is what gives it the right look, if you strip it then it will just look like, well, wire. Go to someplace close to you that fixes electronics or computers, take a sample piece with you for the size, I bet they would probably give you a piece or two to try out. Also, try and roll out the wire you have now, get something flat to roll it on and try to straighten it out first, then use a pencil or something to help you shape the curves and bends, maybe a fresh start with no bends will help you use what you already have.

There are a couple of dealers on Ebay that sell products for detailing model car engines, try one of them as well.

Just take your time trying to bend, you will get the hang of it, go slowly and easy, you will get better.


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thanks for the tips bruvs i will go to a elec shop tomoz and see what they got . do you no the names of some of the ppl on ebay ???

oh and when i said about stripping it what i meant was taking out the inner wire and just using the insulation so i keep the right look but it makes it easier to shape ?????

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