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Apocalyptic Fun: A post-future look at rebellion (1:18 scale)


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So I've been working on this piece for the past few weeks.

I'm having to do this the cheap way, seeing as how I have limited funds-

Scrap signage plastic(luckily, it's styrene based), 3 3/4" figures(of which I have amassed a good collection of), and random pieces of plastic I find that catch my eye have been the baseline for my materials.

Here is the link to the gallery- http://public.fotki.com/cryodert/dio-stuff/

Just wanted to open this topic as a heads up for you to keep your eyes open, because I am quite pleased with what I have accomplished thus far.

As a side note, I am building this piece in sections- which I have found to be easier than assembling a base first. I am not quite sure how large the entire piece will be, and I prefer not to be limited by a set amount of space at the moment.

'til next time...



Oh, and to give a description of what I plan to have in the diorama-

There will be a pump station set in an old industrial park, surrounded by a few aged and slightly destroyed buildings. The pump station will be manned by post-american rebellion fighters (basically remnants of american militants and service personnel after WW3) attempting to repurpose it for their own use. They will have a small security detail as lookout, and for good reason- there's a medium sized enemy patrol...

coming right for them.

The enemy patrol hasn't spotted the rebels just yet, but they may be in for a good fight.

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Thanks guys! I am -just- finishing up the interior of the pump station, adding little bits here and there-

Then it's on to the exterior walls and the removable roof (for viewing purposes :) ).

And good thinking Doc, I was actually going to have the vehicle posted right in the front of the pump station, and as the scene progresses the vehicle will end up being a means of cover for our war-torn heroes.

On a side note- I ended up tearing down the pump station's original exterior piece- during the process of building the interior i found that my original plan was not quite thought out well enough at first. So it's back to the drawing board for the second phase of the pump station build >.< but alas- sometimes the best ideas come after making a mistake or two.

I have decided on a material for the pavement sections for my little corner of this industrial park.

My dad has some old black roofing tile with grit and grain in it that looks to be perfect for 1:18 scale pavement/blacktop. I will be cutting sections of it to slide between the buildings, and the consistency of the material will allow for believable ruptures, cracks and mortar holes. I am excited to see all my work pay off.

I will be adding more pictures to the gallery soon, keep your eyes peeled!


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thanks tony. i will say it's a bit daunting though knowing that i'm still not even 25% done with the entire piece! It's really fun so far though. I think once i get the main attraction pieces out of the way, the rest will be cake.

Oh, and before I forget-

I need to say thanks to Chuck Most for his suggestion of blackwashing to bring out the detail a little more. It -really- helps that oily, rusty steam damage look the interior of this piece needed.

More to come soon!

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Much appreciated, Doc! And I definitely will be continuing this. I'm just waiting on some foamboard to fill in the space between the interior and exterior walls (to help with some of the slightly uneven parts, as well as the scale wall thickness accuracy), before I continue work on the structural points of the pump house. I am, however, still scratchbuilding some small bits here and there for detail points. The repair bench wall is just a little naked for my tastes, and that locker could use something stashed away on top of it :)

'til next time!

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I did a tutorial in the how to section on scale signage/posters/etc and I figured I'd update you guys on what I've been working on while waiting for the foamboard to fill out my structure.

I added some signage, posters, and 'schedules' to the dio.

propaganda poster! "The ENEMY is LISTENING- KEEP IT TO YOURSELF"


another propaganda poster- "AMERICA CALLING- Take Your Place In CIVILIAN DEFENSE"


COSHH poster and "protect your HANDS! you work with them"


more past the break...

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Thanks! You were so close on that one Doc! It's actually the plastic molding from an old dremel tool, with an old webcam lens inserted into it for the emitter lens. But I can see how it looks like a dishsoap bottle tip. I've actually finished this piece, but I've once again lost my camera. That, and my work light busted last night, so I gotta get a new bulb too.

New pics soon!

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