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Apocalyptic Fun: A post-future look at rebellion (1:18 scale)


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Thanks! I am going a little slower at the moment because even though I got some more glue and primer, and finally purchased foamboard- I'm running low on styrene. So, in the meantime, I'm using my scraps and random pieces to construct some extra bits of detail here and there. It's a slower process than I'd like it to be, but if I rush it, it won't be half as good complete as it is right now in mid-project.

I really hope to be done with this entire piece in a little over a month, with the exception of some touch-ups and minor details. We'll see though.

Keep your eyes peeled!

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A little update on this project- I'm putting the exterior work on the pump house on hold for a bit. I'm going to concentrate on a few other aspects of the build, as well as getting ready for the contest build the Doc is gonna start in january.

No worries, the dio is going to be finished soon- just a little later than originally planned.

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HAHA! So I finally get around to a few more things on the dio. this time, not so much was done, but I have plenty of pics to show you progress. :P

Also, I have only primed/painted a few pieces, a lot of this is mock up before painting. After I finish this part, it's on to the dry grass, rocks, debris, and dirt.

Overview (front)-


Rear overview-


Rusty crane lift tower and skeleton tree-


more past the break...

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Plasma Cannons make for good salvage! The late workers of the pump station seem to have been planning something big before they expired....-


REALLY trying to get the detail of the rust. It's hard with this camera and lighting. Think of the all-over surface rust you see at industrial plants, ya know... the abandoned ones.-


Gotta love scale chain work :P-


keepin' it comin...

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