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THEME: POST APOCALYPSE (It’s the end of the world in 2012, ANYTHING GOES!) SHINY, RUSTY, or in between—It’s UP TO YOU!

TIMELINE: January 15th – December 31st.

SUGGESTED RULES (Remember you can break the rules--it's all about having fun):

1) Build a model that reflects your take on the end of the world. Post nuclear, post apocalypse, futuristic—and it could be shiny, rusty, metallic, kit-bashed, stock, your own creation. ANYTHING GOES as long as it is your model, your imagination, your CREATION! Toothless Zombie Hunting is allowed!

2) It has to be a vehicle, whether it’s one, two, four, or however many wheels and axles (it can have tracks too) as you deem fit.

3) NO DIECAST VEHICLES. It must be plastic, but spare parts . . . i.e., aftermarket, scratch-built, and watch parts, Natural parts i.e., fabric, paper, wood, metal . . .etc are also accepted.

4) CURBSIDE SLAMMERS are okay, but a complete vehicle with engine and interior details is preferable.

5) The model has to be a FRESH/NEW build, no old projects, or a project you've just started will be fine. The vehicle must be built during the set date above, although you can start gathering your sources and materials.

6) You MUST post your build progress to this thread. The section will allow for critiques, comments, feedback--greatly encouraged. You must follow and uphold MCM Forum established rules. Please exercise discretion and common sense.

7) YOUR BUILD SHOULD HAVE A NAME and final submission of the completed model will consist of no more than FIVE-EIGHT PICTURES that MUST include the following angles: FRONT, 3/4 LEFT, 3/4 RIGHT, REAR, UNDERNEATH CHASSIS, ENGINE bay, INTERIOR, and FROM ABOVE. The pictures must be clear and in sharp focus, in good light. In other words, we don't expect you to be a professional photographer, but the pictures should represent the best of your build. Also, the builders should provide commentary to describe how the model was built, detail added, building methods, etc . . .

THAT's it, the rest is for you to have fun and provide lots of eye candy . . . this is your chance to let your imagination run wild.

What are you waiting for? The hour is already getting late! The clock is ticking . . . the Zombies are coming over the hills . . . are you ready?



:D :D :D :D

PS--For those of you who need more time beyond a year, all I can say is you don't want to anger the Mayan Gods, now do you?

PPS--For those of you too tempted NOT TO build anything or try your hand at this type of vehicle, remember this: EYE CANDY IS A TWO WAY STREET. Besides, do you really want to be caught without a way to get around those Toothless Zombie Hordes coming to get ya? No, I did not think so. And you don't want them to get their hands on Grandma either!

PPPS--Make sure you have plenty of pop corn at your disposal!


Virgil Suarez aka Doctor Cranky - 'The Claw', 'Sniper' and a diorama for all of us aka HIGHWAY TO HELL!!

Mark Thompson - 92 Mercury Cougar named 'Peeping Tom', and a new model named 'The Collector'

Dirk Pitt?

Scott De Angelo - twisted metal black replica of roadkill

Tony Turnbull - AMT '61 Galaxi named 'Galaxium'

Hollywood Jim - VW named 'Head Shot'

Neal Cunningham aka outlaw035 - chevell named 'CheveHell' and the Z.A.V. (Zombie Annihilation Vehicle)

Jairus Watson?

Wayne Gray aka Agent G - Revell Silverado (thinking some form of command/recon truck.)

Jim Kennish - giving it a go, although he's not sure what he's building yet

Erik Hendo - dude buggy with a twist

Chuck Most - In, just doesn't know when or with what

Rob Mattis - scratch building the 'Puma ATRV (All Terrain Recon Vehicle)

Bobby Willard aka B-Dub - Mack and tank

Rodney Badger - In and using the Monogram RamCharger

Anthony McCormak - wants to know how many vehicles he can build!!

Randall Lyon - He's in not sure what he's building yet though

Erik Davis - Not a clue what he will use, but all for smashing zombies

John Derek Barnes - 69 Charager zombie hunting scout

Shane Moore - D.O.H tin kit 69 charger named 'Nukes of Hazzard'

Robert Love - He starts tonight!!

Mike Rousseau?

Rob Lee - 842 Grievous Wound, Dodge Die-ora 'martyr' vehicle, Swamp Runner, Sprinter getaway car, MUrder Machine, CCAF(communist coallition air force) Red Hawk, U.S. Army Satcomm vehicle 'Liger', myster vehicle named 'Valiant Steed', Europan Alien Attack Drone/Diorama, UNIT 283 Technical Truck -slow down Rob, your leaving the rest of us in the dust.

Lane Allen - he made mud. REAL mud.

Andy Hobbs - his idea wil be epic if he can pull it off

Paul Cowell - has a ghostbusters caddy, a tank, and Anikens podracer to build with

Cole Boswell - Rat rod zombie killing machine

Derrick Six - making some zombie figures and a WW2 jeep with trailer and 30 cal. in back

Don Garret - Peterbil 359 and probably a Huey for good measure

Tim Myers - Pickup with the theme of waterboy

Curtis Bertschi - Volkswagen Beetle

Danny Somma formerly Bronxrumble5 - Dodge Dart, 66 or 67 Mini Cooper

Andy Shoberg - Try his hand and have some fun

Patrik Aminoff - 06 z1 vette named Apocal Vette

Darren Bishop - needs to figure out what to build and get started

Austin Tyler?

Ryan Weinstein - his model will have to be in somewhere around the 3rd week of december

Chris Eddy - building completely from parts and materials he has on hand

John Verkerk - 71 - 73 Vega named 'VEGADEATH'!!

Jamie Lambert - lifted chuck wagon truck with a BBQ smoker trailing behind

Joe Zelanis - 1-1/2 ton WC63 named 'Ice Breaker'

Patrick Mosier - 69 Dodge Charger

Michael Hensley - Peterbuilt wrecker

Hugh Grubb - Monster truck named 'The Tenderizer'

Jonathan Stephens?

Barry Harker - lots of great work

Mike Laliberte?

Roger K Damron - 69 Dodge 440 six pack

Dale Mickley - 66 Chevell wagon named 'Meet Munchie'

Hadi Rochmansyah - newbie wants to participate

August Carter - Ferrari Enzo named 'The Black Plague'

Steve Gilmore aka Blazefox - boss 429 named 'black sunshine', PeterBuilt 359 named 'RoadRage', 57 Chevy Pickup named 'CobJob', Model-T named 'NumbSkull'

David A. Gudzinas?

Ron Masterman - old muscle car named 'Dragon Tooth'

Levi Johnson - 1941 Ford Woody

Dylan Simpson - 06 Hertz mustang named 'MIA'

Harry Pristovnik?

Rick Schmidt - Dodge Challenger (I think)

Dave Van - doesn't need more projects, but he's sucked in now

Wayne Stevens Jr. - Tamiya Land Cruiser

Shane F Decker - Hummer H2

Michael Courson - 1950 Chevy 3100 Pickup truck named 'Project Heavy Metal'

Stoney Stone - A couple of awesome vehicles!

Terry Locco - In as soon as Uncle Sam kicks some extra funds his way

Rylan Kapuy - Peterbuilt 359

Donn Yost - He's IN!!

Ron 'Pops' Royston - Dodge Magnum Wagon

Luis Aguilar - toyota hilux

Keith Prins - 57 chevy hardtop named 'RoadKill'

Robert Daws - Ghost Buster ecto 1a named 'Zombillac', 7 in 1 named 'Hammer Head'

Paul B. - taxi

Aj/LeBaron/Ten Speed - joining but doesn't have a clue what to build

Ryan Silva - merc

Matt21726 - dart

Ian White - mini cooper named 'Holly's Zombie Outreach'

Joe Chernauskas - Jurassic Park Mercedes Benz

Ken Stone - Merc named 'The Zombie Car' and a 09 Dodge Challenger named 'Nameless' and a 51 Hebry J named 'Post aChopalyptica' and odd Model T Coach named 'Equestrian Avenger'

Tom Kren - AMT Scout

Eelco Egelmeer - Chevelle named 'Galloper'

Harold Guinter - f-250 named 'The Rig'

Ryan Silva - Monster truck named 'The Hangman'

Jerred Crooker - Monster truck semi named 'Hear Evil, Speak Evil, Saw Evil'

Danno Classified?

Daniel Gabriel - Revell Acura (sorry man, I don't speak spanish and google translate kinda sucks, so I don't know what the rest of your email said)

Gary Ippolito aka 'Hot Rodder' - Chevy Nirvana named 'Zombie Vantasy'

Alex Nicasio - 70's Custom Van named 'THe Medicus'

Rick Forrester - TZH Track Van

Al Douglass - 80 Ford Bronco

Dennis Leo - USA-1 Monster Tuck named 'Widow Maker'

Patrick Aminoff?

Bart E. Deatherage - needs to learn to post picks

Elliott Johnson 56 Belair named 'Zombie Trapper'

Robert M. aka Rob79 - In after he finishes his 69 Camaro

Tyler aka mazdagt1 - chevy pickup

Justin Wood - Hummer H2 named 'Stealthy Spike'

Jason Cornman - A unique machine named 'The Z-Scout'

Shawn Steinle - AMT'84 CMG 4x4 named 'Bad Karma'

Antonio aka M1 Kustom Garage - M1 Shadow Hawk Street Cruiser

Shannon Eugene Patterson - Viper SRT 10

Sam Frye - truck with working lights named 'Johny Blaze'

Richie Devotie - Dodge Ram named 'Rammunition'

Anthony James Jackson - 90 Chevy Titan named 'Titan's Heartbeat'

Sam Moore - will get some pics up

Jeff Brown aka kingtoy - C5 vette and/or a Toyota Hilux or Supra

Steven aka Special K - 76 Chevy Stepside

Herbert Cooper Baynes?

Charles Gunner Taylor aka Gunner?

Luke Kenyon?

Mike DeRagon - Mouse Rod

Jesse Lome Fleet - in this as well

Jason Smith - finally registered after two weeks of lurking

Jay Quinn - 57 Chevy Nomad named 'Michonne'

Tod Heintzelman - a truck named 'The Rat Mole'

Donovan Williamson - a 4/4 1960's bat mobile named 'Tha Death Bat'

Brian Valentine?

Jeffrey Brown - starting on his TZH soon.

Curt Lee? -enjoy's looking at least

Joy Grunwald - 60 Ford Starliner

Bjarne Graves aka spacemanvw - 51 Chevy Fleetline naemd 'The Last Girl Scouts'

Tim Roark - pics of a peterbuilt SUV combo

Cory Hillesheim aka Jstorm- AMT Canepa Kenworth

Shannon Patterson - Corvette

Kyle Mcrgegor - Has some models on his shelf and is looking for 1/24 or 1/25 figures to build a diorama for display.


ose with question marks next to your names, you have posted to this thread but have not made it clear if you ar joining or not. I have only posted select pieces of what people have said they will work on when they started or have let me know after I made this list, and have not really gone through and updated what you guys are actually working on. I counted 123, including the names with question marks.

If you guys email me what your building and the name of it, I will keep an updated list of who is working on what that I can post each week or two. Email me your name as it appears in my list or if you are not on the list and want to be (and if you are on the list and aren't participating), let me know at Uberdeath322@gmail.com (this is not the Doc's email). Any other info you want included in the list, let me know.

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In case you are confused about what a TZH (Toothless Zombie Hunter) is, here's a quick definition . . . any vehicle that is grungy, gunky, weathered, beat-up, cobbled up together at the last minute for self defense against a wave of very hungry end-of-the-world mobs. Again, your imagination will lead you in the right direction, besides there is NO WRONG look or way about this.

Along the way we hope you throw in some resources to keep you inspired: pictures, videos, movies, music, etc . . . take your vitamins and eat lots of Scrapple Sandwiches (the perfect food for the end of the world) and keep on building!

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So it begins. Bring it on, you Toothless Zombie Hunters!

Here's some of my personal inspiration to get you really CRANKED UP!


Did someone say Toothless Zombie Crushing/




And remember, it doesn't have to be rusty or gunky, it could work if you have a good idea for something shiny too, like this one:



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I just remembered I have some swamper tires.. I will probably end up lifting the 41 Chevy truck and doing stuff with it.

Cranky is it possible to do a tutorial on how you do that rusty paint?

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A little history behind this idea (with lots of credit and kudos to Mr. Tommy May from Birmingham, Alabama) and in hopes that once again the eye candy will light a fire under your work bench seat!

These kinds of WHAT-IF vehicles have been around for a long time. One of the earliest examples came from Dave Roehrle who made up the infamous MERCARI HUNTER (which Doctor Cranky is happy to say resides in the Lab-RAT-ory archive/collection), a tongue-in-check build which really captures the essence of this type of build.




Photo courtesy of Dave Roehrle.

It's an influential build because you quickly realize that one of your biggest friends as a builder of this type of vehicle is GIZMOLOGY, or rather what you can do to convey a sense of the "possible" with these kinds of vehicles. The idea is to again let your imagination go.

Next up is a bunch of samples from the very first show that brought together quite a few of these types of vehicles . . . stay tuned in . . .

Mark, I am going to dig up a few of the how-to vids I made last year in the Lab-RAT-ory on YOUTUBE. Stay tuned in . . .

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A few years ago (around 2005 or 6?), Tommy May started a whole bunch of builders all over the country building these WW3 (Post Acopocalyptic Vehicles--I think that's what Tommy called them and I have to say before that Pat Covert has also started to do some very interesting work "imagineering" models right out of his crafty nogging! Another influence was Kow Yokoyama, the master behind all the NITTO and Maschinen models..) Alas, but I digress . . .

That year, many of us gathered at the show in BAMA and we brought together the very first caravan of WW3 machines, and here's a small sampling of those present:






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