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Parts box MPC Challenger


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Had a sad looking "extra" 72 Challenger that came with a recent ebay purchase- figured I might as well use it for practicing scale bodywork


Made some "patch panels" from a busted up AMT '70 convertible that had already donated its inner fenders for a 'cuda project- yellow plastic wouldn't have been my choice but it was laying around


Followed the advice here and measured twice but the passenger side still ended up a bit small


Drivers side- same technique but a little better fit


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If it seems to turn out I'm thinking of the Brock Yates Challenger from the real life '72 Cannonball Run- vinyl top, side moldings, big driving lights, and the slotted mags

Wanted to built that car but the Palmer/Lindberg Challenger is a bit crude and couldn't get myself to sand off the Rallye fender vents from a good MPC body


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Nice work, Chris! Gotta love the old MPC's. ;)

I've been organizing all my builder kits. I have five MPC 1970 Challengers, three 1971's and three 1972's. I'm sure you have me beat however...

Actually for some reason it seems all the decent 72-74 Challengers I come across are always '73s-either a nice one by itself or a nice '73 with a hacked and busted up '72 or '74

As for the '70-I've got a few - have a 1:1 R/T project in the garage and the MPC is the only decent body out there

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I've salvaged a couple of AMT Corvair Corsa annuals that had the rear of their bodies cut out for drag engines by splicing in the rear 3/4" or so from reissue donor bodies. The resulting body didn't have the annual's dated license plate, but they still had them on the front along with the emblems that only the 1965 and '66 annuals have.







And after:


Rescuing other people's castoffs is one of my favorite aspects of our hobby! "Glue Bombs" ROCK! :D

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