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1/8 Lindberg Slingshot dragster/ double engine

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Anyone have this kit? Are the tires plastic? 2 piece vinyl? Hows the tool? Pics. ?

The Hobby Shop here has a couple of these and I'm thinking about getting one. They didn't want to open one up so I could check it out. I can understand that.

I had the original release at one time- If I remember right it had plastic tires the same color as the rest of the kit.

Recent builds= 1/8 deuce, 1/12 Fiat , 1/16 Dukes, Raminator

I can trade info -

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the only thing i like out of that kit is the front wheels. the rest of it just looks, well, off. on the other hand there have been a couple of really nice builds of it posted here in the past so i guess it just takes some work. but compared to monograms offerings in 1/8, i always thought the lindberg, and particularly this twin engine dragster, were just inferior in most every way.

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well - I may pass on it. I know how the lindberg stuff looks when built-- the kit is from way back- I remember the orig kit I had looked a bit like a toy. I'd be better off buying the 1/12 Datsun right hand drive - I think it's Tamiya- prob a nice tool. Building the old tools is about all I've been doing lately. The best new tool that I think has a great fit and great tool is the Dodge Raminator. 1/24. But it's not a big kit so .........

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