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Found 25 results

  1. In the early 1960s Lindberg produced a small line of HO model trains. A switcher and an assortment of freight cars were offered, as were freight car trucks that were exceptionally free-rolling. Reportedly Lindberg were among the first to employ Delrin in model products. Overview 1: https://hotraincollector.com/lindberg-line/ Overview 2: https://tycotrain.tripod.com/id34.html A pair of freight car trucks in rust colored Delrin: https://www.ebay.com/itm/353912166716
  2. Hi all,,one of my fav kits,,the 1/12th Lindberg Topolino,,with some x-tras. Sprayed w/Testors qukdry lime green,,diamond dust for the chassis. And some hand painted accents. Build on!
  3. I see (in someone's avatar...you know who you are ) the 1/25 Lindberg '66 Chevelle Super Sport kit is about to be reissued very soon, so until Round2 puts something up on their 'site, super-hobby has some very shots of the included parts from the last go 'round: http://www.super-hobby.com/products/1966-Chevy-Chevelle-Super-Sport.html IIRC this one one of Lindberg best offerings during their brief renaissance back in the '90s, so I'm looking forward to seeing how Round2 packages this kit this time around.
  4. "Post traditional" seems as good a term as any for what what was happening past the usual cutoff date for the traditional hot rod style (1963-ish?). It doesn't really tick off the usual traditional boxes, but at the same time, it isn't one we've seen a lot of , those interest seems to be growing. The starting point is a Lindberg '34 Ford pickup, and most of the inspiration is coming from these two rods: So the plan is five spoke mags and blue stripe tires if I can find something suitable, with a cedar (stained basswood actually) bed cover for the Northwest look. Here's a mockup of what I have so far. I was originally going to just use the wheels from Revell's '32 Ford 5 Window Coupe, but I ended up using the frame, running gear and fenders as well. The top has a mild chop, just enough to remove the "Phone booth" look, and the bed has been shortened, though I may shorten it a little more.
  5. Not sure if I saw it posted on a forum, in Model Cars Magazine or the "other magazine", but there was a guide to building a car trailer from the sprue from the Lindberg Dodge 330 kits. Does anyone know where to find it? I already did the Google site search for MCM and the other magazine as outlined in the How do I search for answers already posted here thread, nothing. I'm going through my parts boxes as I try to get a little more organized. Ran across a box that had some sprue from the 330 kit and wanted to see if I had all the needed pieces for the trailer build. If I don't have all the pieces it goes in the trash. If someone can point me to the article and I have all the pieces I'll offer them to someone here as I'll never build a trailer from them. Thanks
  6. This started as a Lindberg 1972 Challenger kit. The overall lines of the car are not too bad but, unfortunately it has some cartoonish qualities which needed to be addressed. To start with, the molded in side scallops are of the wrong size and finger count to work with factory graphics. So...I had to sand them off since they could not be reworked. Second the imitation shaker hood and scoop were all wrong. In its place I sourced a 440-6 pack scoop from a Dodge 440. It covered the hole just right. The engine is a 440-6 pack from my parts box. The front grille needed some filing to get to fit properly and some BMF to look close to correct. The interior turned out alright in contrasting black and white. Overall the hood gave me the most trouble. Starting with an annoying warp, I progressively made things worse before they got as good as it is. Four repaints and replacement of the whole rear edge is what it took. I tried some textured paint to dress up the tail panel but it didn't turn out as well as I had hoped. One thing I did get right were the wheels and tires. I also NAILED the stance. I love the color as I was shooting for Mopar B5 blue metallic.
  7. This one's number 3. Backstory is a poor amateur radio operator needed a used car with a strong electrical system. This one looked like a good deal as an ex-Michigan State cruiser, maybe used by a ranking trooper as it had some nicer features. Colors are are by guess, I couldn't find 2 pictures that agreed.
  8. Never built a Lindberg kit until this one. Screwed up the first paint job on it and hid it in a box for months if not years. Then it became a bit of an experimental subject for scratch built engine parts that didn't make it into the final build. Later, I found a 1972-74 Matchbox Challenger that I absolutely love so I went ahead and replicated it pretty accurately, with some creative freedoms that I took due to the lack of detail on a 1/64 scale Matchbox. Lettering is done by hand, stripes are decals from the '68 Charger kit by Revell. The build itself is pretty far from box stock, with a totally modified front suspension and scratch built rear, carbs and side pipes. Anyways here it is alongside its ''mini-me''. Comments are welcome!
  9. I've noticed some Lindberg Dodge L-700 kits being parted out on eBay; the engine has been referred to as a "361 V8". Is this the same engine as the 361 that was in the early Sixties Mopar passenger cars, and if so, is the IMC unit an accurate representation? I'd like to see if I can use it for the Revell '62 Chrysler Newport. Thanks for your help!
  10. I understand this isn't for the faint of heart Mopar nuts and some of ya are gonna spout out "YOU PUT A WHAT IN THAT POOR OLD DODGE?!". But, since the 330 had a slant six on the base models this combo pays a modern homage to those slant sixers with a twist. This was the AMT boxed Lindberg kit i got on markdown for $7.50 at HL, and since I rarely do things OOB I brainstormed some customizing ideas on what to do with it. I found a resin 2JZ and resin turbos that a friend gave me a while back in my stash and that got the spark going for my next project on top of a closet full of kits i plan to chip away at. Interior is Testors light gray rattle can and basically OOB, added a dash gauge cluster piece (from a Revell pro stock of some sort) and a 57 'Vette steering wheel with a custom stick on the steering column to replicate a shiftier on the wheel type config. 2JZ resin motor has resin twin turbos mounted on modified headers from a Ferrari Boxer 12, plastic tubing as intake pipes, and a custom side exhaust made from a Mustang muffler and Lamborghini exhaust tips. Cadiator from a AMT Dodge Viper, and suspension is pretty much stock but added new drive shaft to go to 2JZ tranny and modified engine mounts on suspension and transmission brace. Wheels and tires are from a AMT Dodge Concept Car builder (that looked as some child did his/her own "crash testing" as it's body all broken, but wheels were intact for only $1). Paint is Tamiya TS-60 Pearl Green cleared with Pledge, and the frame is Krylon Stainless Steel Finish. I also added a Japanese Licence plate from a Aoshima Skyline of some sort because why not. To those who appreciate homages, I hope you enjoy!
  11. There’s some discussions about Lindberg 1:20 kits on this site lately so I thought it was a good time to show my completed Ford Explorer Sport from Lindberg. I built this kit five years ago and it went fine to built, lots of details. There were three issues I remember, the taillights were tricky to get in place. The backside of the frontseat didn’t match completely so I had to use a sandpaper to remove the excessive material (so you don’t se the line between the front- and backseat). I also hade to drill out the holes in the roof for the roof rack (there were holes on the inside of the roof but they didn’t went all the way through), this can also be a good thing if you don’t want a roof rack. Overall, this was a joy to build as I like the subject. The glue on the taillights is a result of my struggle to get them to fit, they do fit but it was tight.
  12. Trying to find out the kit number for these decals which are supposed to be for an AMT 32 Ford. Not sure if they were for a coupe, roadster or ? Thanks in advance
  13. Finally we see the re-release of the old and much loved MPC Pirates of the Caribbean kits!Enjoy the fact that you can now buy a repopped kit for $20 with more in the series to come!Went together like a charm, no issues. Works flawlessly, paints up nicely. Build video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dp6xb0vyCfs (Website still has stalling issues direct linking to videos with preview)
  14. Nice rerelease from Lindberg/Round 2. I plan on doing mine as a GI Joe Cobra Commander hot rod, in the red and blue scheme. It fits the old 3 inch figures perfectly. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nwQPwxMouKo
  15. Anyone built this one? Typical Lindberg detail for the era I'm guessing?
  16. Thought I should share some pictures of my current project, a factory stock Chevrolet Blazer.
  17. I haven't built a truck in a long time, and can't believe I picked this one to start. I shelved it a number of times, but finally stuck it out long enough to call it finished. Yes, the doors do open, but I think I'll keep them in the closed position for now! Thanks for looking John
  18. I've had this previously-built 4-Banger Dragster for a few years now, but the OHC-converted B motor was pretty severely glue-damaged. The "Offy" from a Monogram Indy Roadster gave me the impetus to pull it back out, and scavenge through a Monogram Slingster Dragster for front wheels and a few other details. Since then, I've changed gears again - ordered an Offy 270 from American Racing Miniatures - hope to have more progress soon.
  19. Whilst trolling eBay for kits for sale -- and to check my bid status on a pair of vintage Renauld "Sea & Ski Spectaculars" sunglasses -- I came across this gem. I've subsequently emailled Round2 regarding the Lindberg line of 1/32 scale G.M. Colonnade kits , et al. , and am hoping for a "yes" answer , as-in , "Yes , the tooling exists , and plans are to re-release these kits..."
  20. Hi there: I picked this kit up at the local Hobby Lobby for just under $15. This kit is not new and has been around for some time appearing to have its origins in the old "Little-Red Wagon" of 1960's fame. I bought that kit when it first came out and I always liked it. I have been eyeing this thing for some time now and today seemed like a good day so here we go... The box art reflects the contents, an A-100 Dodge COE pick-up in Coca Cola livery. The box contains that truck but also all of the parts needed for the drag version of Little Red Wagon (no LRW decals though). The body is reasonably well done and captures the look of the real truck. If you are a fan of this genre you may want to check the dimensions and overall casting accuracy more closely but it looks good to me. The body is also equipped with opening doors and hinges that are bit large looking. However, I suspect most reasonably skilled modelers will change those out for better looking scratch built items. The glass is clear and smooth and reasonably thin. The decal sheet provides the various Coca Cola scripts and that's it. Nothing else. The frame and bed insert are well done but rudimentary. My only complaint here is that the bed insert has very deep grooves for cutting the engine bay for the Little Red Wagon and time has taken its toll. The groves are so deep in spots that there are holes into the bed area. You can see this clearly in the picture below. The wheels and tires are a set of vinyl no name items (five of them - so you have a real spare!!!) a set of huge Goodyear slicks with brand names and a well done set of period mags in chrome. You also get dog dish hubcaps and a set of steelie wheels!!! That is really nice..I think so any way!!! The chrome tree is well done and has a ton of neat parts on it for the engine and exterior. The engines (there are TWO in this kit) are nicely done multi-piece affairs. The stock engine is about 17 pieces. The custom engine is greatly simplified but has about 25 pieces and an automatic transmission. The higher parts count for the custom engine is a result of eight velocity stacks and eight plugs. Both have separate oil pans so no seams here! The only problem I see with the engines is that they look to be on the small side. This is a 1/24 th scale kit. This is primarily based on looking at the chrome vale covers, base and Hemi. They just look too small. If you cmpare them to the fuel tank parts on the same tree you can see that they appear to be too small and the tank way too large. Overall, this is small potatoes but you can decide on that one. It's not the first kit to have an out of scale engine. The frame and running gear / suspension are all simplified separate pieces that are well done. The steering wheels can be built poseable but you will want to either glue them in permanently or rework the snap in spindles and axle to be more accurate / substantial. The extra frame box for the Little Red Wagon is present too. The rear end is "FULLY CAST" (yippee!!!). The interior reflects a stock truck and is basic but well done. It includes a dash, seat belts, two part seats, a nice steering wheel, steeering column and shift lever turn signal combo and door panels with cast on details. You also get a push button automatic option as well. THAT is going in my build up for sure!!!! Only the gas pedal from the LRW is included so you will need to add parts here especially since the doors can be opened. Again the drag accessories are included i.e. a full roll bar set up. Overall this is an interesting kit of a really different subject. The simplicity (and age) is clearly reflected in the price. You can easily build up a stock truck with dog dish hubcaps or the Little Red Wagon or some other over the top variant and I am sure many of you already have some wild ideas about where to take this. (I am thinking about a mild custom lowered tow vehicle for the old Revell midget trailer in my junked kits stash.) Go get this kit…the price is right, there are plenty of extra parts and only your imagination and your parts box content will hold you back on this one. Have fun! Regards Bill (Duntov)
  21. A very simple kit but with some Pegasus phat daddy wheels and some Alclad candy red, turns a simple kit into a sweet ride I think
  22. Changed the wheels on my Lindberg (1/32scale) '34 Ford. BEFORE AFTER (cell phone camera turned the red a little pink, didn't do color correction on the photo yet, it's all about the wheels)
  23. Confession time; I have a soft spot, possibly in my head, for the old crappy multi-piece Lindberg and Palmer kits of the 60's and 70's. In my defense, my love for them is tied in with memories of my grandma's five and dime store rather than the kits themselves. She always had those kits on the shelf and would give me one to keep me quiet. My uncle also would build them and give them to me. I don't have any of them anymore, but would buy and build some if I came across them. Does anyone have any of these that they have built or are they mostly curiosities now that are put on a shelf for the box art?
  24. I came across this when I was looking at diecast. Anyone hear of this or know its origins? Is this an AMT tool? http://www.diecastdirect.com/asp_modules/add_item.asp?ProductCode=LND73050
  25. Anyone have this kit? Are the tires plastic? 2 piece vinyl? Hows the tool? Pics. ? The Hobby Shop here has a couple of these and I'm thinking about getting one. They didn't want to open one up so I could check it out. I can understand that. I had the original release at one time- If I remember right it had plastic tires the same color as the rest of the kit. Recent builds= 1/8 deuce, 1/12 Fiat , 1/16 Dukes, Raminator I can trade info -
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