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Found 18 results

  1. I see now and then people who hasn't followed or even read the instructions on how to mount the tires on the rear wheels on the Revell Peterbilt 359 and Kenworth W900 Aerodyne snap kits. If you do it wrong it looks horrible and if you do it right it looks a lot better...not perfect as these wheels are way too shallow to be realistic...but it is what it is. Here is how you are supposed to do it, the wheel rim goes inside the tire so the outermost lip on the rim is inside the tire, so the rims are not only pushed through the tire like on most of the kits, if you do the outermost lip on the rim shows and it shouldn't. Here is a blown up picture from the instructions on how to do it. And here is how it should look if you have done it right. And if it looks like this you have done it wrong. The right way looks a lot better, doesn't it. Easy as pie. The pictures are not mine except for the blown up instruction picture, the others are borrowed from a couple of threads on this forum.
  2. A member of this forum referred me to that company (in Hong Kong) for some metal sticker Mercedes scripts and logos. Their website is https://www.zoomonmodel.com . They have a fairly wider range of model details and supplies. The website is fairly easy to browse, and ordering is also easy. They take PayPal. Don't let the prices scare you - they are in Hong Kong Dollars. For example the sheet of those Mercedes scripts is priced at HK$32.00 which is currently about US$4.08 (which is rather inexpensive for this type of item). I ended up ordering a bunch of items. Shipping cost (to USA) was HK$140.00 (US$17.84) and it took about 2 weeks to arrive. What a great find! Here are some of the items I ordered. The relief-etched set to 50 US license plates looks really interesting, but the decals seem a bit thick, so I don't know how well it will conform to the plate's surface. But make sure to order 2 sets since only single plate from each state is included. I didn't, so I'll have to get another set.
  3. I want to build my 1978 Ford Thunderbird. I found a 1979 Ford Thunderbird Resin kit so I took the opportunity and bought it. I want to start but I want to have the same wheels on the model as my car (picture for reference) I was wondering if anyone knows where I can find wheels for them or if anyone has access to 3d models of them at least. Ive looked around and seen some others build models with these wheels so they have to exist somewhere. Scale is 1/25. Thanks in advance.
  4. I've got a nice set of turned aluminum wheels with photoetch centers. So how do you go about mounting these - they don't have mounting pins or sockets. Do you cut the center hub off the kit wheels and glue them? I'm building Garlits 09 Challenger and need to figure this out. The wheels in this pic are resin, but I got some nice aluminum ones Thanks, John Wheels are kinda like these :
  5. Trying to find which kit these wheels came with. Bigger rears, smaller fronts. Tree has TT-1330-P02 stamped. Rear front part number is 102P, back is 103P. Fronts are 100P and 101P. Sure it will seem obvious and simple in hindsight, but have searched numbers for an hour with no luck. Thanks.
  6. Does anyone know of a source for photo-etch spokes for older cars? I know Herb Deeks use to sell them but it appears he no longer does.
  7. Greetings everyone. Was wondering if anyone knew of a way to fix/restore rubber tires that have deformed from age/improper storage. I was given a few 1/8 scale kits and 1/12 Tamiya kits that have wheel issues. Replacements are sometimes hard to get and can be costly. I would like to try and restore these if possible. Any help would be appreciated.
  8. I was going thru some old kits & noticed the wheels were missing from my old MPC Dodge Warlock pickup kit. They are an 8-spoke in design. Anyone have a picture of the wheels? Thanks,Brad
  9. Is there anyone that resin casts the Pontiac five spoke rally wheels?
  10. I'm looking for aftermarket or kit sources for putting wide performance tires on a 49 mercury...but with a wide whitewall. It's a custom build with a turbo Porsche V-10, so I'm talking mini-tub width on the rear...but I don't want the super skinny sidewall like you'd see on most performance tires. But I also don't want the high sidewall look like stock...somewhere in between. Everything I can find (kit or aftermarket) is either wide tread and skinny sidewall, or enough sidewall but narrow tread. I am toying with cutting a pair of leftover kit tires down to make one wider tire, and then cast it, but it isnt going well. Any thoughts? Here's sort of the look I want...not too much sidewall, but enough for the stripe... What I DON'T want...
  11. I have some Italeri tires that I would like to us on a double drop trailer and can't seam to find anyone that has these. I have check with a few venders and no one seems to have any left. I measured the I.D. at about .950. Can anyone help?
  12. Does anyone know a retailer with a good selection? I have looked for weeks and some places have a few items but usually not much. Looking for wheels (modern style) but engines etc would be nice as well. Wheel and tire sets would be a big plus too.
  13. Has anybody seen in any of the model-car magazines, sets of 4 chrome Cragar wheels? I think the price for a set of 4 was $12.00. Thanks.
  14. I have a Billet EFX Top Fuel front wire kit, System 17 by Machined Aluminum Specialties, Modular Rim Standard system. Does any one know of a tutitorial on assembly? Or have any tips on assembling it? All that came with it is a "picture print out".
  15. Hello. Anyone know if there is any aftermarket source for the wheels on the picture in 15" ? I was hoping for only wheels and tires somewhere and not having to buy an entire kit just for the wheels. Appriciate any suggestions.
  16. Hi Can you tell me where i can get a wheel set almost like this? I'd be very thankful for ideas!!!
  17. Changed the wheels on my Lindberg (1/32scale) '34 Ford. BEFORE AFTER (cell phone camera turned the red a little pink, didn't do color correction on the photo yet, it's all about the wheels)
  18. I've been looking for quite a while now trying to find some '03-'04 Cobra wheels to use on my Fox body build, but haven't had any luck. Here's a picture of my car. I would love to replicate it as is. Is there anyone out there making them out of resin?
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