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Wiring a blown engine

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Alright....I'll be honest, I know nothing about engines. I accept that, I'm fine with that, it's not usually a problem, I just leave the hoods closed....

However, I've got two projects that are calling for an exposed engine...both of which being blown engines. One of which is a Chevy engine, the other is...I don't know.

I can do a factory stock Chevy engine from the 1950s-on pretty good, but I don't know if the fact that it's been blown makes a diffrence. I wouldn't even have gotten that far without some help from a member who dosn't have the opportunity to post here anymore.

The engine I want to be doing is the blown option in the Revell (formerly Monogram) 1979 Camaro Z/28, which was just reissued a few years back.

The other is a circa 1997 Top Fuel NHRA drag car engine. ;) I know, totally out of my normal scope of builds, but that's never stopped me before.

Pictures would be helpfull!

Thanks in advance!

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Billy to help with you street engine that's pretty easy. You are looking at 2 carbs and ignition wiring as any other street engine of that vintage. IIRC that kit use eldelbrock carbs you cab check there website and see the carbs for locations of the fuel lines a fuek regulator is also used. A top fuel motor of that vintage can be very intimidating to do it right. Check this site for some detail photos. http://public.fotki.com/VincePutt/drag_rac...-putt-original/

Fuel engines are constantly changing much like nascar. fuel injection, blower positions, and fuel pumpsa are things that may change race to race. If you are serious you will probably scratchbuild about 300 fittings for a scale top fuel engine. Fave fun.


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Hey my friend, hope this helps, it was posted by a friend of mine in our Puerto Rico forum. I hope we can get the guys to use this tread to post as many pictures and diagrams we can get, I need all the information I can use also............ :rolleyes:;):P

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Great Diagrams Wayne! I am a crewmember on a Outlaw Pro Modified and I've been asked by several modelers to tell them how the fuel lines are routed. I had been drawing most of mine by hand but I should be able to modify the one you posted a little to cover Pro Mods as well as top alcohol Dragsters and Funny Cars. They are very similar with the exception of running only one fuel pump and a few less return lines Also most only run injectors under the hat and into the intake runners of the blower manifold and omit running the line into the back of the cylinder heads that most AA Fuel cars run.


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