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'59 Ford Fairlane Convertible


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Hi fellas! :)

This is my new project ,AMT '59 Ford Galaxie Convertible. It's pretty good shape and it have all parts except rear bumper (broken), wheels & tires and boot cover. It's going to be Mild Custom because previous was sanded side trims away. Not much more to tell so here's some pics of starting point.






Now it's on paint stripping and after that i can see how the body looks like and how much work it needs.

Stay Tuned. ;)

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Great project! Love this car and I love this old kit. A perfect replacement for your rear bumper can be found in the Revell '59 Ford Skyliner retractable convertible kit. That kit is a great source of other parts for the AMT kit, including the front bumper, which fits the AMT kit perfectly, and the rear wheel well/quarter panel trim (the perfect way to fix fender skirt damage.)

Here's a rechromed Revell rear bumper fitted to the one I've been working on.


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Thanks guys! :)

Tom: Yep It's very good shape and what came with that scoop, Well it will not be on my version. :D

John: I like this model also a lot because i think its one of the best lookin Fords what are ever made. Thanks for information of those bumpers! ;) Now I need to buy one Revell '59 Ford for parts car. :)

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Got this out of paint stripping and It looks that bondo and I will be good friends after this project is finished. :D It looks much better in pics but there's a lot of scratches because previous owner was sanded side trims away. Also front doors panel lines were almost disappeared for that same reason. Interior looks really good after paint stripping and it dont need bondo at all. Here's some pics.





After I took these pics I carved panel lines deeper so now they wont disapper any more even I put some bondo to body and sand it. :) Hope that I can get more updates soon.

Stay tuned. ;)

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