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help and ideas for my 69 camaro

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Me again guys............

Ok I'm halfway through building the US revell 69 z-28 camaro.

And i need some help and ideas to finish it off.

What's the beat way and how to make a racing style dash.

Just want to panel off the car dials area.

I've lost some parts of the kit engine,so what other Chevy engine would fit this kit,or is there any resin ones available.

I don't want to use the kit exhaust,and want somthing better looking.

Somthing eaither side exit or straight through rear exit.

Any ideas as I'll need to use somthing with a replaced engine.

I will put some pics up in the build section so you can see what I've done so far.

Will title it my z-28 camaro police car



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I would go buy a sheet of thin evergreen I think the thickness of mine is .02 lot of folks would probably use .01 for the dash but it's a bit thin for my liking and just play with it and the dash till you find something you like.

Now any 1/25 chevy engine should work with little mods. I'd suggest maybe going to the wanted section and seeing if anbody has the parts your missing. As for aftermarket resin there are a ton of options.

As for exhaust I would use acid free flux core solder very easy to bend in the shape you wish and you can drill out the core for pinning and realistic exhaust tips. If you have any futher question or need a better explaination of something feel free to pm me

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Use the engine out of the Tony Foti LAPD Camaro. It's a big block, it has replica Milodon cast aluminum valve covers (super rare in the real world), it also has a blower. Who could ask for more?

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I am doing a Pro Street Style dash in my Nova, and I went to the home improvement store and bought a piece of roof flashing. It is thin Aluminum and is in a "L" shape that measures 6"x6"x5". Can be cut with a knife(score and snap) or cut with scissors, alot of material to play with and cost about 50 cents a piece. You can use hole punches to make places for gauges. Just another thought from outside of the box...

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Ok my problem is with the camaro dash part.

The issue is how would i work around the instrument panel funny shape.

Meaning how would i go about plating it off for a flat surface.

Sorry I've made this sound difficult.............

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