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I've had some pics up on different boards, but here it goes here. This is a Resin Sleeper cab, from Spalding trading and shipping. A little different then the AITM one. Base kit is the AMT Autocar. Frame streched, plumped/wire chassis and engine, the engine is made into a '335' cummins, basically added a turbo to the N/A 250 kit engine. 5&4 transmissions, scratchbuilt headache rack, deck plate and toolbox. One shifter is from a haibrush, the other is scratchbuild from a pin. Lots of parts bin/kitbashed things. Hope to have it done soon enough. Cheers!










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Thats a very sharp autocar , is the chassis from the square gaurd auto ? Keep up the neat job .

The base kit is the A64 Autocar tractor (rounded fenders) not sure if the square fender dump truck has a different chassis or not.

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Someone asked me about opening the door on this on the 2014 build thread, so I thought I would go back and post it here, as it may help someone else. I cut the door open with a xacto blade, but the gap was too wide once it was all sanded, so I shimmed up the cab part with 90deg plastic stock, and added a sqaure piece under the door since the resin was too flimsy. Worked out pretty good on this style cab.


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I was wondering "How did I miss this " then I saw the post date. Anyway I am so happy you dredged this one back up as this is a really super nice truck. I have a AITM cab that I hope will make it to the bench soon. Having this as a referece will speed that future project up !

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