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Wood grain finishes


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I think this may have appeared here before, but is long gone. Many kit builders are interested in using real wood for things like woody surf wagons, etc., but to me real wood shows a texture that wouldn't be right at the smaller scales of model kits under 1/8. To me, it's better to make your own decals or printouts.

To make your own decals or appliqué stickers, you can choose from literally thousands of printout options at Certainly Wood. The "Domestic Veneers" menu has the most common woods. Keep clicking through any selection you make to get variations and larger images, which you can print out to any scale that looks right to you. Depending on your model, you can also choose to print on glossy photo paper, or have regular paper laminated at a place like UPS/Kinko's. Almost all antique car wood accents should have a totally smooth finish on things like dashboards and interior parts. Also good for vintage truck beds.


This is intended as a substitute for using real wood, and not for more complex applications where painting in tight spaces would be more appropriate. I don't see how it could be useful as anything other than reference, and not for small parts like steering wheels.

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