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So it's been awhile since I've posted anything... Here's a kenworth snapper I've been working on.. Cut the aerodyne off and put a 36" sleeper on it. Also building a custom spreadaxle fruehauf to pull behind it. The trailer has working vent doors on front and rear. Just like all the spud trailers do. It also has a custom drop ICC bumper on it.





Thanks for looking!

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I actually made the stacks from evergreen tubing. I just mitre cut and the put the angles together to make the bull haulers. Then sanded and smoothed out all sharp corners to round and soften them. Cutting the aerodyne off of the kw was almost as much of a challenge as smoothing out the whole left on the cab. I was trying to save as much of the bunk as I could for any future project I might need it. Also if your careful and patient with it you can make smoothing that cab out a lot easier. Thanks for the comments. I will post more progress as I make it.

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Update, got paint shot on the kenworth today. Clear coated as well. It's a mint green metallic. Just a pic of the mock up.


Close up of the paint.


Trailer painted. Working on lights and details.


Rear doors.


Thanks for looking! More to come.

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This thread right here, has finally inspired me to build the aerodyne w900. I have an idea, a direction, for at least 2, ill probably end up buyin 4.

The truck looks good, the blue 1 looks really good. Very nice work. Thanks for sharing man!

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