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Thanks Carl, My 12 year old brother asked me when i got the kit why i got a "skill one" kit, You should build level 3 kits" i told him that the vehicle is what interests me not the skill level. He keeps telling me he wants to build a skill 3 because he is 12 and the skill 3 kits say 12 and older. I told him they are the same as a 2 and only have more parts which i dont think he is ready for yet considering most his level 2 kits usually end up missing important visible engine parts or loose suspension parts like shackles on the 3 f150 kits he has. He also seems to want to be just like me he wants to own a 97 or 2000 f150 like me but green, and he has nearly as many f150 models as i do... Anyway thanks again guys.

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The 1st gen truck is pretty dang cool for a snapper...I dig it! That 2017 looks a lot bigger...did you lift it or is it right from the kit? Any way...they look really cool...nice work!!

Thanks! i did lift it as it sat too low in stock form to represent the real one. Here it is before lifting.


i used metal tubing and a scrap dif to make the rear axle.


front i just set the axle on the drop down they had and built a box around the axle.


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