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Best Model Car Parts

Best Model Car Parts

You may have seen us review Best Model Car Parts before, and there’s good reason for this. Michael Hanson the owner of BMCP, has a great line of resin products, and we have to say that everything we have seen from him has been very good!

Recently, a friend sent me a link to some eBay listings for VW resin bodies, and I had to have them in my hands. One in particular, the VW Hebmuller conversion kit, was one of those top of the list projects I have wanted to do for a long time. Now, the hard work is done, and I can finally build one!

The other two, a 1957 VW Oval Window Sunroof sedan conversion and a 1949 VW Split Window Sunroof Sedan conversion are going to make great builds of some of the cars of my better years. All the conversion kits are based on and work with the Tamiya 1966 VW Beetle model kit (not included)

Check out the photos and you will see what I mean. Check out the web site at Best Model Car Parts

Two-Part Molds

Casting Two-Part Molds

From the January and April 2012 Issues of Model Cars Magazine: