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In Topic: 62 Pontiac Catalina (Lowrider)

21 January 2015 - 02:18 PM

Excellent build!!! Great attention to detail! Great paint!! Well done!!

In Topic: Complaints and grievances with your models

24 November 2014 - 02:10 PM

Did puzzles from the 60's not fit together either? Maybe Round 2 should switch to puzzles as well.

I get that there is a nostalgia feeling associated with some of these kits. But why not want or push for a NEW tooled kit of those vehicles done with todays technology? If its nostalgia you want find a mint sealed original.

In Topic: Complaints and grievances with your models

24 November 2014 - 01:13 PM

I didnt say stop buying All reissues, but some tools are just worn out and not worth buying. I agree that fitting, filling , sanding , filing etc...are part of modeling. I feel they are essential basics that need to addressed on EVERY model. However when half the kit doesnt resemble what it is sold as or is unusable as sold then whos fooling who? Sorry but i will spend my money elsewhere. If a company doesnt want to change or advance then yeah they will most likely go under but i dont think that the hobby is going to die. In fact i feel the hobby is better than ever. Advances in mold technology and manufacturers willing to excell have contributed to us seeing some of the most incredible kits ever.......just it seems the car kit side seems to lag behind , again i feel because the car guys will continue to buy sub-standard kits. Til you force their hand have fun with the lack luster reissues....lol.

In Topic: Complaints and grievances with your models

24 November 2014 - 11:12 AM

Now i will add that Moebius has done a great job bringing high quality kits in at the same price point as revell/round 2. I have found the 2 i have built to be well engineered and great fitting kits. Are they without issue....no. But i was impressed overall with them.

In Topic: Complaints and grievances with your models

24 November 2014 - 11:00 AM

They reissue these worn out kits because so many people request them. Many ,if not all the Round 2 reissues are decades old by now. Same as many of the Revell reissues. Tamiya has a few rough molds out as well and even their newer kits suffer from too many ejection pin marks in hard to fix areas. Aoshimas newer releases are quite impressive so far but still have some small fitment and alignment issues.

If you want better kits than speak with your wallets and dont buy or request the worn out oldies. However be prepared to pay more for a better quality product. I know thats tough for many on a tight or fixed budget. On the military side kits from Meng and Trumpeter are amazing with very fine detail, minimal flash / mold lines ,slide molded complex parts , and much higher parts count. Also they may include brass photoetch and or aluminum parts. Those kits are typically 2/3 times what a car kit costs. But thats what the military modelers demand.