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Another Shelby Coming.

16 August 2014 - 11:13 AM

Well I got bored with the mini trucks and built this engine from a 96 mustang 4.6 and 427 cammer parts then i was like ok what will it go in? Ok so i decided to "modernize" a cobra using revells 427(coming usps next week) I figured since its bigger than 1/25 ill call it the New Cobra being of larger size to fit modern cars these days. There will be body mods i just have to figure em out. And of course itll be blue with white stripes. Not sure on how ill do the interior an all but this was just to establish that i have another project coming soon to computer screens near you.

50th Anniversary GT500

30 July 2014 - 05:45 AM

Call it a 2015 or a 2017 your choice. Well been a while since i put a car under glass. But here she is the 50th anniversary GT500 or the most up to date vehicle in my Shelby Blue Crew. Not all of them are Mustangs like the Cobra, GT40, and GT but they are what they are. Probably not the best revell 2015 mustang built but hey someone had to do the Shelby. I know this year stang aint the best looking some call them the ugliest mustang yet but i think its good heck a lot better than the fox bodies but never will touch my dream the 67 Mustang and GT500. Custom printed stripes, custom painted headlights, custom grille to match the 67 GT500, Metallic black wheels,and the side windows are body parts now. Enjoy,hate, judge whatever it might be my latest creation.



IMG_20140730_111712_zps00280e37.jpgIMG_20140730_112031_zps70b94d43.jpgIMG_20140730_111830_zps4aad3dbd.jpgIMG_20140730_111847_zps15fa0ae9.jpgIMG_20140730_113051_zps8cf64924.jpgIMG_20140730_113239_zps62d3114f.jpgForgive the fuzzy pictures 3mp camera on my phone couldnt find the good cameras today.

Newest Member to My Shelby Blue Crew!

24 July 2014 - 07:05 AM

They are back with this. 2015 Mustang, Ill shelby it up the best i can. Itll be a quick build.  Remember blurry pics on workbench smooth pictures for underglass.

Starting off with a reminder of what the blue crew contains at the moment.

PA280015.jpg?t=1351436220What im going for look wise


What i have so far... It got to pose with my favorite shelby of all time the 67 GT500 428



1/25 Aussie Fords?

24 July 2014 - 04:01 AM

Are there any resin Aussie fords or even regular kits out there like the falcon? Im thinking ive built my trucks for the year so cars and fords are coming but im thinking foreign muscle this time idk why but the falcon seems good. or a concept cobra? I am pretty much 1/25 scale builder 1/24 is my dads cup of tea i like em a tad smaller than him. I know there is also the 2004 GTO kit which could easilly be converted to represent a holden monaro



Mini Truck Team

20 June 2014 - 11:30 AM

Well This will start in a week or so when i get back from vacation. I want to convert all to 4x4 but may need pointers, all will be orange(like a team) but im missing 1. the chevy luv... the kits all seem way to steep...  But here are the kits, also smoothside beds would be nice too, may have to hunt em down. All 1/25 scale hoping all will have thier stock 4cyl engines. The dodge and ford will sport mazda and mitsubishi logos on their windshields even though they are the american versions. 


Datsun 620 (needs original 4 cyl not chevy v8 and smoothside bed)


Toyota Hilux


Ford Courier(want smoothside bed)


Dodge D50