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Project "Low Expectations" Ford f-250 Super Duty Slammed

06 February 2013 - 05:17 PM

Hey everybody. This is my first true project since I've gotten back into building afer about 5 or 6 years from taking a break. I am building a Ford F-250 Super Duty pickup truck that will be fully custom inside and out. I don't have any progress on it yet. I just got it earlier today and just opened it up. I am about to cut the doors open and get started on some of the easier things I can do first. Here are some of my plans for it. I know it is allot, but I want a big challenge. Without the challenge, I would get bored and quit.


Fully custom frame with bags and 4 link.
Convertible Hard-Top roof.
Fully custom interior.
Raised bed floor (Not sure about stock or smooth styrene.)
Body dropped.
Flat black with red accents here and there.
Stock rims (unless I find something better).
Openable "zig-zag" style doors.
Openable reversed hood with 2" cowl.
Not sure on engine yet (don't want to use the supplied I6).
Shaved tail lights.
Tubbed front inner fenders.
Possible custom grille.
License plate relocated to back window in custom frame.
Possible sound system (most likely).
Highly detailed all over.


Feel free to give suggestions/tips and post pics of what you have done.

Getting back into building.

26 January 2013 - 05:57 PM

It's been at-least 5 or 6 years since I've built or even touched a model car. About half-way through last year, I was going to get back into it but complications with my 1:1 truck stopped that. I've been watching the site here and getting inspiration for something to build to get used to it again. I'm taking a break from my 1:1 truck for now and have been working on a few models that I started a long time ago. I was able to save most of my old paints and glue. Now that I have kinda gotten the hang of everything again, I am going to make an attempt at building a extremely modified truck. Usually I just built the models straight out of the box. I know I will be criticized for jumping directly into major modifications, but I want a challenge.


I am going to use the Monogram Ford F-250 Super Duty extended cab long bed pickup. I am going to form a fully custom frame for it to lay frame on bags. I am thinking about doing a chop top also. I don't want to use some crappy looking huge wheels and tires on it either, so I'm probably just going to use the stock tires unless I can find some decent ones. I am going to raise the bed floor to hide most of the bag equipment. I am thinking about doing a body drop too with custom interior pieces. Going to paint it flat black with some other color accents here and there.


I know I have allot of work ahead of me in this project, but I am fully willing and will learn anything I can to do this. Any tips/tricks are and will be appreciated.

Looks like I wont be building any time soon....

19 August 2012 - 07:21 PM

I am new here, but not to model building. I have been on a break from building for a few years and was thinking about getting back into it. I have been looking through this site and others for inspiration and ideas for future builds. Yesterday I was outside doing a little work to my 1:1 truck. A 1990 Ford Ranger Super Cab 4x4, when I started it up, I began hearing the dreadfull noise that no mechanic wants to hear. The sound of metal ticking inside the engine block. I Immediately shut the truck off to prevent future damage. I began Trying to think of the possibilities of what the noise was. I have detrmined that it is coming from either cylinder 2 or 3. I am waiting to get some money (wallet is dying of starvation) since I had just spent a good deal of money in other parts for it. When I get the chance, I am going to start tearing it down and looking into it more. I am almost sure of what it is. If it is what I am thinking is that a couple of the lifters have collapsed causing other parts to slowly wear out and cause the noises. I will have to spend a few hundered in parts because I hate taking my truck to the shop (don't trust stupid people nowadays). Hopefully, when I get the rebuild done, I can maybe get back into building models again.

Here are a few pics of the truck:

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