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Decal question

23 April 2007 - 02:48 PM

I'm looking to do a classic drag car. Not sure which one, but I have an idea.
You see, my uncle used to own Dover Drag Strip in Wingdale, NY back in the day before he sold it once the gas and insurance crunches all but put an end to the weekend warriors that ran there.
I once saw, in an old issue of SAE, a drag car with Dover Drag Strip on the lower quarter panel. I can't remember what kind of car it was, or I would probably have a better time figuring out what decals were used and if I can still get them.

Any help would be greatly appeciated. 8)

Max Biaggi's 2001 Moto GP ride

01 April 2007 - 05:20 PM

This is one I started a while ago, and have just gotten back into. Max Biaggi's Yamaha YZR-500 from the 2001 Moto GP season.

So far, I've got the engine built, and painted with several metalizer and Tamiya colors for contrast. I used a bunch of RB Motion and Galtran bolt heads to replace the molded in kit items. I also used 4 Galtran nut and stud ends on each of the 4 carbs. The airbox was completely covered in Scale Motorsport carbon fiber and cleared.
Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image

The exhaust was built up, and completely sanded smooth. This is necessary to remove the mold lines and to fill in the joints, but removes the weld lines Tamiya put there.
For those, I first painted the pipes with Tamiya Silver Leaf (TS-30).
Then, using a tip I learned from somebody I only know as Mal.au on another board, I put 2 X-acto blades into one handle. Becasue of the taper of the blades, putting them side by side and running them along a straight edge over tape produces a very, very fine and uniform line of tape.
These fine tape strips were placed wherever weld lines would be, then I put the Tamiya exhaust weathering kit to use to do the heat staining. Once that was done, I gave the whole pipe a coat of flat clear, and removed the tape.
I gotta give props to Paul Adams and Clay Kemp for both helping me tremendously in getting this step down right.
First pic is with the tape still in place to give a visual as to what I did. Second pic are the completed pipes.
Posted Image
Posted Image

I've since gotten the engine permanetly attached to the frame, and now it's on to the multi-piece photoetched rear rotor.
That should be fun, and if I can still see after that, I'll post another update.

Fujimi Ferrari 550

12 March 2007 - 05:30 PM

This is one I finished up just a few weeks ago.
Other than the Crazy Modeller emblems (awesome little pieces) and Model Factory Hiro enameled badges (more awesome pieces) this was a box stock build.
Paint is Tamiya Camel Yellow with TS-13 clear. I know it's much darker than the factory yellow, but I like it better than the washed out yellow Ferrari offers.
I had a little fun making a custom plate with the ACME Platemaker. I can dream right? :lol:

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WIP: Chrysler 300 Wagon

05 March 2007 - 04:27 PM

This is one I just HAD to do after seeing Jairus' picture in the last MCM.
The body was not a simple cut straight down conversion, although after looking at it for a while, it did turn out to be an extremely easy conversion.
I started with a 45 degree-ish cut starting at the base of the A-pillars going down to about the 10 o'clock position of the wheel openings on both bodies. They lined up so close, I almost didn't need any filler at all. The melted pastic that oozed out from he glue was almost enough. I'm not kidding. By making the cut this way, the belt line and wheel opening lined up perfectly! Surprised me, I can tell you that.
After a little filler, some sanding and a few coats of Tamiya White Primer, it was ready for paint.
Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image

The Magnum has a very aggressive look to it, and I wanted to keep some of that, but add a lot of the 300's class. I toyed with the idea of replacing the tail lamps with the 300's, but after cutting out the 300's taillight section and mocking it up on this body, I found it did not flow with the design, so I kept the Magnum's. I did, however, decide to add a lot of the 300's class to the interior. So I robbed the steering wheel, front seats, and rear seat from the 300. The Magnum has fabric molded seats. No way, no how. I want fine Corinthian leather!
The sterring wheel and front seat dropped in like they came with the Magnum kit, but the rear seat was a totally different story. This is where you really see how much wider the 300 kit is from the Magnum. Luckily, there are no opening doors, so I was able to hack and grind away at the rear seat until it fit and still looked good. I took of about 80% of the bottom vertical surface, and almost all of the sides. Thank God for Dremel!
Posted Image
Being this is a wagon, I needed to make use of the Magnum's rear seat back. So some cutting and grinding was needed for this too. I know it doesn't look that good here, but a mock up of the interior showed that all those nasty looking areas will be covered up by other panels once in place, so this ugly thing actually is all the work it needed.
Posted Image

The interior was shot with some Duplicolor GM Cream that I picked up at the parts store. Cream = Class :lol:
I just need to do some more masking and lots of detail painting and decals to finish up the interior. While I was at it, I shot the inside of the body too.
Posted Image

Finally I got it painted. I used a bottle of Cobra Colors Ferrari Grigio Alloy Metallic, which is just the color I was after for this. I also mocked it up with the 2 sets of wheels that I'm considering, both factory rims. I'm leaning towards the 9 spoke Chrysler wheels as I think the 5 spoke wheels look to "Dodge" for this project. Like I said, I'm going after "agressive class" here, and I think the body is already very agressive, and the wheels just add to that. The 9 spoke wheels definetly give it a touch of class, I only wish that AMT had made them bigger. What do you guys think, 5 or 9 spoke wheels?
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1/8 wheel question

05 March 2007 - 03:01 PM

Hey guys!
I have a 1/8 Monogram 1985 Corvette that I have been putting off building for quite a few years. Problem is, I want to build a model of my car, but the wheels are all wrong. I need a set of '95 ZR-1 wheels like this:
Posted Image
Does anyone know how I would go about making a set of these? My scratchbuilding skills are somewhat limited, but I'm willing to give anything a try. I just need some ideas as to where to start, what to use, etc...
Thanks! 8)