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Incredible car museum

03 October 2014 - 10:25 AM

I had the pleasure of going to the Tampa Bay Automobile Museum. The museum is a privately owned collection. The owner is originally from France and has been collecting cars since the 50s. The museum is run by his daughter in law. Her knowledge of every car there, as well as cars in general, blew me away. Listening to her describe how each car was found, bought, imported, etc. was amazing. Many of these cars are the only known remaining example and a few are even the only one ever made. I've never seen 99% of the vehicles in the museum. Most are European but there's a few Americans in there. The owner collects vehicles that were innovative and ahead of their time. There were a few cars that are on loan to other museums (1965 all wheel drive Mustang, 1929 Ruxton and 1770 Fardier De Cugnot were all on on loan around the country until after the first of the year). But what they do have is mind blowing. Talbot Lagos, Cord, Maseratti, Tactra plus tons more. Check out the link to my page before and let me know what you think.