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What does the Millennium Falcon and model cars have in common?

17 October 2014 - 08:25 AM

When George Lucas made the original Star Wars movie, he hired model makers to build the space ships he wanted in his film the old fashioned way. They in turn, built them by scavenging parts from everything from scrap metal to ship, plane and auto model kit kits.


A guy has been building a 1:18 scale, 3 3/4" action figure sized version of Han Solo's ship, the Millennium Falcon and found something interesting...


So what does the Millennium Falcon and model cars have in common?


An AMT '57 Chevy undercarriage! Check it out:


Attached File  sw_mos_mf_0041.jpg   280.48KB   2 downloads

A photo of one of the actual Millennium Falcon models used in the film.


Attached File  chevy_chassis.jpg   90.06KB   1 downloads

His 1:18 version of the Millennium Falcon...


Attached File  falcon exhibit.jpg   124.7KB   0 downloads

Another shot of the inner mandible of the Millennium Falcon on display at a Star Wars exhibit.


Pretty cool, huh?


Take a look at the work this guy has done:



My Other (Sometimes) Car Related Hobby

26 August 2014 - 08:02 AM

Hey all,


Wanted to do a little show and tell about my other sometimes car related hobby.


I've been collecting matchbooks for the last few years and have had a blast doing it. Mostly old ones, from the 1930's through the late 1960's. Just like model building, it's an old school hobby that you could talk to you dad about doing and he'd have something cool to say about it.


Matchbooks are generally collected with the staple and matches carefully removed and placed in clear pages just like baseball cards.


These car dealership matchbook covers usually have one panel for the car ad and the rear panel to place individual dealership location info.


I have more of these (and much cooler ones) so I'll post a few and if you guys dig 'em I'll post some more.


Attached File  IMG_5463.JPG   190.13KB   0 downloads


First up are these Pontiac and Oldsmobile covers. The first one is a 30 strike (the matchbook contained 30 matches instead of the standard 20) 1959 Oldsmobile followed by two 20 strike covers for the 1965 Pontiac and 1965 Oldsmobile.


Attached File  IMG_5464.JPG   351.31KB   0 downloads


Next up is this 1961 Ford Falcon cover with everyone's favorite beagle, Snoopy.


Attached File  pontiac.jpg   212.77KB   0 downloads


My favorite of the bunch, these two 30 strike Canadian covers advertise Pontiacs in the 1980's. I wish they made a model of that fastback Pontiac Sunbird.


Attached File  IMG_5462.JPG   182.1KB   0 downloads 


Next up we have two 40 strike (these matchbooks contained 40 matches instead of the standard 20) for a mid 60's Plymouth and a 1950's Buick.


Attached File  57 chevy.jpg   390.29KB   0 downloads


The mighty 1957 Chevy


Attached File  58 chevy.jpg   407.77KB   0 downloads


The 1958 Chevy


Attached File  61 chevy trucks.jpg   357.15KB   0 downloads


1961 Chevrolet trucks


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An older, late 50's-early 1960's hobby shop matchcover thrown in just for the fun of it.


I hope you enjoyed these. Let me know if you did and I'll post more.


Our local club has a website here: http://marvaclub.blogspot.com/


Greg Wolf

Stacey David's Rat Roaster (My Version)

30 July 2014 - 04:49 AM

Finished up my version of Stacey David's Rat Roaster last night. Ditched the corny Moon tank and decided to go without the rear fenders but use the kit's front motorcycle fenders. I was glad to be done with this one.


Attached File  side.JPG   218.35KB   0 downloads


Attached File  photo 1 (1).JPG   207.23KB   0 downloads


I disliked the "padded" interior look, so I drilled out the holes with a variable speed Dremel.


Attached File  photo 4 (1).JPG   191.15KB   2 downloads


I must have not followed the directions properly because the motorcycle fenders do not sit over the tires right. And for the first time in years, the back side of my headlights seemed to get crazed from what little glue I used.


Attached File  photo 2 (1).JPG   162.25KB   2 downloads


The tail lights are adhesive backed dots found at the craft store, pretty inexpensive, too (see below).


Attached File  photo 5.JPG   81.58KB   1 downloads


Attached File  photo 3 (1).JPG   128.77KB   2 downloads


The interior needs a little touch up on the floor area. Funny how you really only see how bad it it is until after you've taken photos.


The Good:



Easy to mount front headlights. Love them.


The decals for the dash instruments are awesome. This is new technology to me, and seemed a much better solution than using the thinnest brush you have to paint them in.


I liked the radiator parts and the detail. Very easy to set up.


The small block Chevy engine is nice and looks great when you're done. Just the right amount of detail.


The exhaust was nicely done and for the most part fit together well. It would have been nice to have other options (I never cared much for the gaudy headers on any rod), but  I understand this isn't just a 32 Ford kit, this is essentially a kit based on a real car from a TV show and that's what they're selling.


The Good: Great, rubbery tires and nice rims. Those of us that build lots of 32's always need more big 'n little tire and rim sets.

The Bad: However, if I had rims and wheelbacks that fit the Revell axle and suspension, I would have used AMT whitewalls instead. Like I said, great rubber tires and the rims look nice, but why on Earth did Revell decide that a spacer needed to be glued on to the rim in order for the wheel/tire combo to be attached to the axle? A spacer is used to add space between things, in this case it was used not to add space, but to actually be able to attach the rim tot he axle. I hated this part of the kit and IMHO this should have been a non issue and the rims should already have had the spacer attached. 


The Good: The metal and upholstered interior is pretty cool.

The Bad: It's in three sections that need to be glued to the base. Took a lot of glue, masking tape and a lot of trimming to get the interior to stay together initially in Step 5. Once placed in the body in Step 6 the glue would break and I had to set it up over again with glue. In a perfect world a one piece tub with separate seats and separate upholstery panels would have made things much better.


The Bad: The front suspension and steering assembly. Brittle parts. Several pieces from my kit were broken while trying to place them correctly.


When I heard Revell was kitting a new deuce and it was based on a Stacey David designed Gearz vehicleI was excited. The kit was much anticipated, and like a lot of you, I bought a couple of them. The assembly of the rims and spacers, which IMHO is a terrible and seemingly dated idea is a major disappointment for me. I'll build another one at a later point, but it will be without the kit tires and rims and likely with a Frankensteined front suspension from the parts box.




Writing About Model Cars

28 July 2014 - 10:23 AM

Back in 2003 and up to January 2004 I was the editor for a local IMPS model club. Essentially I collected all of the stories and reviews for the month and made a newsletter that went out to the members of the club. There were quite a few times when there was little to put in the newsletter, so to try to make it interesting I wrote a few stories about building model cars; sometimes written as a news article, sometimes as a personal essay. 


Here's one of them. If anyone digs it, I can submit some of the others here as well.


Strange Man Found Wandering Suburbs


By Greg Wolf

Nova Modeler Editor


ARLINGTON -- A strange man was found confused, and likely drunk, in the Columbia Heights West neighborhood of Arlington the evening of January 25th, around 2:35 AM. According to witnesses, the man was wearing pajamas, and upset that the fire hydrant on South 7th Road was ignoring him.


Police and emergency personnel stated that Harold Johnson was “probably going to be OK” but was extremely upset with the fire hydrant. The man appeared to be high from huffing aerosol paints, an officer stated.


Just as the woozy man was being arrested a woman later identified as the man’s wife came out of the house across the street yelling “Harold, did you sneak out again! You get in here this instant!”


The woman explained to officers on the scene that this was indeed her husband, and that he had apparently snuck out of bed to work on a model car in the basement.


“He doesn’t have any ventilation down there, you know? Last year he got so drunk on paint fumes we found him passed out in the front yard in his Fruit of the Looms with a Jack O’ Lantern on his head and a weed whacker in his hand,” Stated Mrs. Johnson.


The loopy Mr. Johnson retorted by stating “All I have to do is wash the hippo in the furnace, and it’ll be alright, right?!”


A police officer on the scene went on to say that modelers with basements that have no ventilation begin to overdo it this time of year.

Stacey David's Rat Roaster (My Version)

21 July 2014 - 04:47 AM

I've only made 3 kits this year and I'm only really happy with one of them ( http://www.modelcars...42#entry1188849 )so I thought I'd give the Stacey David Rat Roaster a try.


For this build I'll stick with kit tires and rims. I'm not real happy with the resin bomber seats I ordered for this build, so I'll stick with the kit seats, too.


Here is the color I chose for the body. It's a radically different direction for me as I usually make my cars in flat colors because I'm not that great at nice, glossy paint jobs.


Attached File  photo 1.JPG   82.84KB   0 downloads


I decided the metal interior should have the same color as the body. I drilled the holes out that had the goofy upholstery. I will mask off and paint the upholstered door panels black after a few days of drying.


Attached File  photo 2.JPG   61.63KB   0 downloads


I decided I'd keep the firewall the same as the body color too (I never do this). This decision was based on looking at 1:1 cars in several issues of Rod & Custom magazine.


Attached File  photo 3.JPG   70.27KB   0 downloads


The rest of the body parts have been painted the same color.


Attached File  photo 4.JPG   84.67KB   0 downloads


I'm going for a different look this time and we'll see how it goes.