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In Topic: paystar 5000 front bumper

17 May 2015 - 11:51 AM

That is not the Paystar bumper, it's the bumper from the Mack DM 800 Mixer kit. This is one of the chrome trees from the Paystar mixer, it's the same chrome tree from the DM 800 mixer



ok my bad. thats the bumper i was thinking of, i never had the dm800 mixer kit so i didnt realize some parts were carried over into the paystar kit.

In Topic: paystar 5000 front bumper

17 May 2015 - 11:30 AM

one of those paystar kits had a bumper without the guard, i believe it may have been in the mixer kit. and i seem to remember the kit having both bumpers.

In Topic: Dually models, plastic and diecast, 1/25-1/24-1/20

15 May 2015 - 09:01 AM

100_0953.jpgBuilt out of box, other than the Alcoa wheels. The interior is not painted. I will freely admit, the box does show it with the  gray interior. Perhaps mine is factory error? 

thats quite possible. did your kit have the updated grille too? in your pic it appears to be the older style grille.

In Topic: Dually models, plastic and diecast, 1/25-1/24-1/20

14 May 2015 - 07:47 PM

I can give some info about the Super Duallie, the Snap Fast Chevrolet, and the Ford F350.

The Snap-Fast Chevrolet is really just an unassembled promo, molded in a dark maroon. Only builds stock. The basic cab and bed go together the same as the C-1500 glue kits, the bed is directly interchangeable with the C-1500 cab, and fits the longbed version once the wheel locater pins are removed from the underside of the bed. The hood is separate, and there is some underhood detail from the original kit it was tooled from. The chassis is a basic engraved plate chassis, it does have very well done detail, with an accurate 14 bolt rear axle. The tires are BF Goodrich Radial Long Trail T/As, which are inaccurate for truck of that weight class (they only come in P rated). Wheels are 4 hole duals in chrome with accurate lug details and the Chevy Bowtie on the centercap. The rear caps are a bit shallow compared to the 1:1. Note, these wheels are available in modified form from Modelhaus, with more appropriate tires. Only difference I can see is that the Bowtie has been removed from the centers. The interior, molded in tan, is very similar to the C-1500 kits, with similar seats and identical dashboard. It is stretched to include the rear extended cab seats. The steering wheel is a separately molded black item, and is the airbag style wheel. A note on the interior, it is incorrect for the 1996 model year truck stated on the box. The  dash is the '88-'94 style. That can be easily corrected by swapping it with the one from the Tahoe, which has the correct dash

i have several of the '96 dually kits and they all have the correct interior molded in grey. the only kit i know of that had the '88-94 interior molded in tan was the '93 fleetside kit(and the only kit to have a camper top for the bed).

In Topic: Freightliner FLD 120

08 May 2015 - 10:02 PM

Unfortunately that kit has been out of production for several years now, ebay is really the only place to find them.

Hopefully Italeri will reissue this kit in the near future. The going rate on ebay is usually around a hundred dollars,

I'd like to get another one myself but not at those prices.