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Tech Shop....oh YA!

27 May 2008 - 03:25 PM

April issue has some shop called Tech Shop in Menlo Park Calif.
I hope these shops make it. What a good idea, being able to make some of your own parts for models. I know I have been wanting more modern wheels for Pro Touring cars and other items that are just not offered anywhere. And you could learn to make these on your own and with the tools in these shops and some time..... :P Only downside is the $$$, but maybe a month membership?
Gregg may I suggest in the future visiting say (Art Morrison, Boze Alloy's, Edelbrock, etc...) and maybe they could pass along some knowledge that could benefit the modeling community. Maybe some insight on what goes into designing a frame, how wheels are made, maybe some dimensions on a couple products they make :o Something you could take measurements on if you had the part near by? Just a thought!