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1961 Comet Promo - Need junk body with good roof

Yesterday, 01:31 PM

I just found this old '61 Comet promo that, though I can't recall exactly when I got it, I do know that it was given to me by a man from Marysville, WA. from whom I used to buy models on a regular basis. That was well over 20 years ago and he was going to throw it away. So, having a real soft spot for star puppies and orphans, I brought it home and it has been sitting on the back of a shelf hidden behind an old wired remote control tin Ford tractor w/loader and back hoe. Neither item has been touched or moved in literally decades - probably in excess of 20 years. There were a couple of other surprises back there too.. stuff that I had forgotten that I have.


I am wondering of someone has a broken or badly hacked and customized scrap body from which I could remove the roof to put this car back together. It's missing the taillights as well and the rear bumper is broken but I will replace those from Modelhaus. The body is un painted and clean and too good to just toss. These are not my all time favorite car but it is old and that's good enough for yours truly as far as justifying the work to make something of it.


I will trade for a parts body shell - I do not expect it for nothing. It's just one of those models that not a lot of people appreciate if it beaten or if it a glue bomb. I am just 1961cometpromo1_zpsde86ae3e.jpghoping someone has what this one needs. :)

1/24 1970 Challenger Rally or Flat, stock Hood?

24 December 2014 - 11:37 PM

Does anyone know if there is a resin 1/24 rally hood available? I have been looking around and can't seem to come up with anything. I'd take a stock, flat hood as my second choice but I really like the rally hood. I have a built up that I have torn down and stripped that I want to redo but it's missing the hood. So, I thought why not try something besides the usual shaker hood?

Revell 69 Camaro Convertible - Any Issues w/Opening the Trunk?

24 December 2014 - 12:36 PM

Just wondering if anyone has built the '69 Camaro and opened the trunk on it and if so, what issues did you have or is it a pretty straight forward job? It appears that the sections above the tail lights may be kind of delicate - and I'll have to build up the trunk lip above the lights to make up for the knife cut so the deck lid sits level. What was the preferred means of hinging the deck lid? Just looking for advice from someone who has already done this. I am still uncertain about whether to go that far on the car but it would be a nice feature on the finished product. I am working on the trunk floor to try and make it somewhat accurate and that appears to be fairly straight forward. Were there any issues with the model that you experienced?? Any suggestions will be appreciated. :)

Blocking Ebay Sellers's Listings Who Are Overpriced? Or is it Greedbay?

17 December 2014 - 03:48 PM

Hopefully this wont start a heated discussion and cooler minds will prevail but here goes:

I just posted a request on the Ebay site - for what ever effort that was worth - requesting that a default by choice  "Ignore Seller" feature be implemented. There is a setting where a seller's auctions can be blocked but the sellers name must be re-entered into the box with each new search - such a royal pain in the neck.. There are certain sellers on there ( no names mentioned ) buying and then breaking up and parting out models and their prices are outlandish, to say the least. Gaging by the foolish starting prices, some of these sellers must be on drugs and if they aren't, then they should be because $14.00 to $20.00 plus another $5.00 for shipping  for a set of pickup door mirrors for example, is stupid - but not as stupid as the people who actually will pay that kind of money when many times, a complete kit sells for not a whole lot more than that. There are many sellers on that site that see these prices and the feeding frenzy begins because most think that these are the going prices. When you see two identical, sealed kits on the same page and one is realistically priced at for example, $20.00 and another one down the page if $49.99 - that should suggest something about how out to lunch a lot of these sellers are. Add the fact that they know nothing about what they are selling and it just says one word - greed. Without getting into supply and demand and the guy has to make a living, it may be an idea if more people who would never buy from these people or pay the prices that they want could choose to ignore their auctions. Perhaps some suggestions to Ebay to raise their awareness just might help although I am less than optimistic; Still, nothing ventured - nothing gained. For what ever it is worth, here is the text of my message..



I have been both a seller and a buyer on Ebay for many years now and the experiences have not been with out their challenges to say the least. I look for a purchase mostly model cars and parts as well as other needs, but I spend a few hours every day on Ebay searching for things that I need for my hobby. As the greed factor seems to be kicking in with many sellers who are wanting more and more money for what they sell, it becomes very annoying any more having to look through hundreds of posts - from several sellers in particular - who expect ridiculous prices for what they sell.

I would respectfully suggest that Ebay institute a "IGNORE SELLER" feature that would be in the default settings much as what order you wish to browse auctions in - lowest price firs, highest price first, etc. I find that I am starting to quit looking at a particular category when these high priced sellers have several pages of auctions, absolutely NONE of which I will bid or or interest me as I will not pay his/her asking prices. It wastes a lot of my time having to sort through these peoples' listings because inserted in the middle of the dozens upon dozens of listings may be something sanely and realistically priced that I may need or want.

In all fairness, there is an "exclude seller" feature but it has to be reset each and every time a different search is implemented. PLEASE make this a default setting that can be changed at will by choice,a  as it serves NO purpose being forced to look at seller's items from whom a bidder will never buy. I have the sellers who I follow bookmarked so why can't sellers be bookmarked to be blocked just as easily without having to enter their name with each search? Please consider this request as a serious one and I know based on what I have read on different forums that I am far from alone with this request or my views. Thank you.



SuperClean and clear plastic

10 December 2014 - 08:47 AM

Has anyone experienced issues with putting clear plastic parts into Castro Super Clean? I have a Challenger body that I have been unable to remove the glass from and was thinking of dipping the whole body and then masking the glass of before painting. I've already broken the rear glass *sighs*. I can't get this glass to budge from the inside of the roof of the car despite having had the old freezer trick work many times in the past. This stuff doesn't seem to be glued in with excessive amounts of glue but what ever the builder used sure hangs on like duck poop to a blanket. Worst case scenario, I'll just cut the windshield out and replace the glass but I;d rather not if I can get away without doing so.