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please tell me i didnt ruin this permanently.

07 January 2014 - 04:50 PM

i really, really hope i didnt screw this up for myself. the paint is pearl white. i then masked off as well as i thought i could, and then sprayed with gun metal. all paint is tamiya lacquer. when i took off the blue masking tape from 3m, i suppose i should have waited a bit longer for the paint to dry because it was still a bit wet. i waited like 30-45 minutes but the coats might have been wetter than i thought.


so now i have a list of problems


1- my gun metal middle area is damaged

2- paint bled all over onto the pearl white



so what do i do!?!? obviously wait a night or two..and then i was thinking to get 6-12k sandpaper and sanding the gun metal to smooth it out.  then the hard part is the pearl white. i know sanding pearl isnt generally accepted..and im scared im going to have to shoot my white base and then pearl all over again.. but if i can get away with sanding just enough of the gun metal off of the pearl, i should be safe?


and by the way.. how the hell do i avoid this masked-tape-bleed-thru mess!?




so how do i fix my boo-boo?

02 January 2014 - 01:10 PM

so i have a tamiya kit im working on..my plan is to make it pearl white kind of like this: 196.jpg

so i primed it with my surfacer 500. the cap is white, but the primer comes out a light gray. i sanded the whole body down and got it smooth. i painted just the hood to see what the pearl would look like over the light gray primer..it looks like dog shhh. you can barely even tell theres pearl white over it. it looks like a shiny sparkley grey. 


not going to work. at all. i didnt know pearl white was going to be so translucent.. so how do i fix this? i went out and bought tamiya  ts-26 "pure white." do i need to paint over the primer with this pure white, and then paint over that with my PEARL white? then will it look better? also, how do i approach the problem of my hood? as i said, everything is just primed except my hood that i did a few coats of pearl on. do i need to sand down my hood, or can i just go over it with white, then back again with pearl white?



is sanding really that important?

26 December 2013 - 03:16 PM

i browse everyones builds, and a lot of them look completely amazing. i know a lot of you sand before you paint..but is it essential? ive built 10-20 models, but they are never picture perfect. and i never sand. and i almost never prime either. would doing either make a visible difference to the final product? if sanding is really that desired..is it easy to do? is it expensive? and whats a decent/good primer? gray is for dark colors, and white would be for light colors right? +is there a simple step by step guide about sanding?


also, do you put the exterior together, THEN paint? for example, the bumpers/mirrors/wing? i never do, because i follow the directions..and usually the bumpers are supposed to be applied after you install the chassis to the car body. i just imagine me accidently snapping the bumpers off while im trying to install the body/chassis together

post your tuner builds here

12 May 2013 - 10:57 AM

a lot of classic cars on here...and a lot of mustangs/camaros/challengers. but i dont see too many tuner cars.


i posted my 350z. and i posted my audi r8. i just saw someone br-z down the list. i'd love to see people post their cars that arent the revell kits that we see time and time again!

aoshima 350z kit.

18 March 2013 - 07:29 PM

my first aoshima kit. i LOVE the z cars, so i really wanted this car to be as perfect as i could personally make it. im not a pro, but im not a beginner. ive built about 15-20 models, and im 22. the paint on this car came out AMAZING at first..but with handling, i got a few smudges here and there that mysteriously wont go away..and i screwed up the tail end a lot, because the light covers on one side werent fitting right, and i had to keep pulling off already-glued parts, over and over to try ot get it..but i just had to stop and decided to just settle before i made it even worse. overall, this kit was great... ill be looking into tamiya and aoshima more often. VERY ANNOYED however. the kit came with a missing door handle. the tree part was there, but it looked as if it broke off during packaging. :[ one other problem is, when i put the body onto the chassis..it doesnt really want to stay together. if i were to grab the car, the body would come with it. i think i have something not matching up..you can tell in one of the side-view pics of the car, that the wheels are closer to the front wheel well more than they are the back. ?? but if i try to mess with it, i may push it to far to the back, and break off the rear bumper (the area with the glue-bomb-fitting issue mess)